...assorted things that didn't seem to fit elsewhere...

New and Updated Stuff:

Mathematical GlasswareNEW! FALL 2018 – Dan's thoughts abiut a very special set of glasses that are math-oriented!

Our Shooting PageUPDATED FALL 2018 – At this link you'll find all our pages about our family's target shooting (and reloading) activities.

Other Stuff:

Dan's Sign Collection – – Some pictures from Dan's virtual "collection" of odd and funny signs.

Flying Cars Here are a few fun images of potential flying cars through the years! (Because we're living in the where's MY flying car?)

Geocaching! – We're geocaching again (after about two years off...)! One of Dan's & Gaye's favorite sports! Lots of pictures and descriptions about what geocaching is.

Dan's Antiques – Silverware! Bayonets! Swords! Helmets! A walking stick from 1887...and a couple of odd surprises!

Previous Versions of our Web Site – Come take a look at several older versions of this site, including our very first web page EVER! It was 21 years ago, in 1997! (Wow, how things have changed...)

Dan's Master's Degree Thesis – Failure characterization of a fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composite with circular holes. Really. From 1991. (I must have done o.k., because my thesis was cited in a related thesis by another AFIT Master's degree student a few years later...)

Winning and published photos – These are photos that have either won contests, or have been published!

Robin Bullock Concert Video – Dan shot this video of Robin playing the Bach Suite 6 for Solo Cello on his mandolin, during his Christmas 2010 concert. (Note: this link is to YouTube)

The Bullock family coat of arms – A picture, and a short description, of our official Bullock family coat of arms.

The Thompson family coat of arms – Picture, and description, of our other official family coat of arms (from Dan's mother's side).

Antique Portraits of Genealogical Interest – We hung up two wonderful old oil paintings of ancestors. Originally posted in November 2009.

The Rules of Arbles -- How to play Arbles, a long-time favorite of many generations of Gaye's family.

To find our other photos, click here!