Dan's Thoughts - As of Christmas 2018

Short essays I (Dan) have been writing to express myself on various topics I've been thinking about. Thanks for your interest!

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New Items

Dan's Recommendations -- Stuff -- of all kinds -- that Dan considers worth recommending. UPDATED Christmas 2018.

Mathematical Glassware! -- A few thoughts about a set of glasses based on certain mathematical constants. NEW for Christmas` 2018.

Previously Posted Items

The Passage of Time -- A light-hearted look at my life and experiences, compared with events in history. Posted in March 2015.

Why Dan listens to Christmas music...starting in September! -- One hint...it's fun! Posted in October 2014.

Thoughts on my new 5-string bass guitar! -- Dan is the proud owner (and player) of a gorgeous Ibanez Soundgear 5-string bass guitar. Posted in October 2014.

Thoughts on being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease -- Dan is under treatment for early symptoms of Parkinson's Disease – and there's a lot of reason for hope! Posted in October 2014.

Thoughts on Elections -- Originally posted in June 2008, and only slightly revised in September 2014. Timeless principles to consider when preparing to vote for those who will represent us.

Dan's New Camera -- A Very Incomplete Review -- of Dan's new (used) Pentax K-5II digital single lens reflex camera. Posted in June 2014.

Dan's Beer Reviews -- A good friend gave me 6 bottles of unusual beers for Christmas 2013...so I figured I should share them (virtually) with you! Posted in June 2014.

Dan's Photo Gear -- Up-to-date discussion of the stuff I use for my photography. (Includes at least one new camera!) UPDATED in May 2014.

Thoughts on Photography -- Dan's passion for glorifying God through artistic nature photography continues, 9 years and 26,000 photos after being re-ignited by digital cameras! UPDATED in October 2013.

Oh, deer! -- The story of how God took care of us in a car-related situation when we ran into a deer in April 2013. Posted in May 2013.

Hug-icons -- you know about "emoticons", right? The little sideways smiley face icons people use in e-mail? We invented hug-based icons! Posted in December 2011.

SDG & EDIMGIAFAD -- Dan shares a couple of meaningful acronyms. Posted in August 2011.

How Dan makes his photos -- Dan shares what he's learned about photography, both the artistic and technical aspects. Hint: your camera doesn't matter... UPDATED in February 2011.

O.K. -- O.K? Yes, a little essay by Dan on the value of just saying, "O.K.". Posted in July 2010.

God's Provision of a New Job for Dan! -- Once again -- as always -- God comes through in his perfect timing! Posted in March 2010.

Backing Up Your Computer Data -- Dan knows, from sad experience, the value of having a system for consciously (and conscientiously) making backups of our valuable digital data. Posted in March 2010.

Communion Leading Notes -- Dan led the communion portion of the service at church in November 2009; here are his notes.

Another God story about our cars -- How our Lord cared for us as our old van self-destructed. Posted in July 2009.

Wisdom from Early Morning Photography -- What God spoke to me, through my process of rising early to take pictures at sunrise. Posted in March 2009.

How God got us home safely! -- Our story of his amazing provision for a 100-mile trip from Atlanta. Posted in October 2008.

Why Dan voted for McCain, Chambliss, and Goddard -- Just my own reasoning on why I voted for these candidates. Posted in November 2008.

Thoughts on Independence Day -- Hey, it's that time of year -- this essay's a couple of years old, but read it again anyway! Dan looks at what our Founders said, and wrote, to help understand what Independence Day really means to us. Posted in June 2006 and 2008.

Thoughts on How God Provided Dan's New Job -- Dan rejoices over God's perfect timing! Posted in March 2008.

Thoughts on Oaths I've Taken -- Dan ponders the significance of various oaths he's taken throughout his life. Posted in March 2008.

Thoughts on Honor -- Dan thinks about the concept of honor, inspired by the most recent recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Posted in November 2007.

Thoughts on Playing Bass Guitar for Worship -- Dan shares some thoughts about the role of a bass guitar player on a worship music team, based on 27 years of playing bass and 18 years of playing on worship teams. Posted in October 2006.

Thoughts on the War Against Israel -- Dan thinks about the recent violence waged against Israel, from both a spiritual and military perspective, and asks for prayer. Posted in June 2006.

Helping with Hurricane Katrina recovery -- Dan reflects on the opportunity to help those in Biloxi, Mississippi affected by the hurricane. Posted in October 2005.

Thoughts on our mission trip to Mexico -- Dan's thoughts on what God did for --and through -- our family in Mexico. Posted in August 2005.

Thankful Thoughts -- Dan is thankful for many things, especially how God provided abundantly with a new job. Posted in November 2004.

It's All Going to Be O.K. -- How Dan was trusting God for the transition of retirement, job hunting, etc. Posted in May 2004.

Dan's Thoughts about Operation Iraqi Freedom -- Good, truth, courage, and freedom triumphed over evil, lies, cowardice, and bondage, and why we should praise God. Posted in May 2003.

Dan's Thoughts About Bible Versions -- Why I use the translations I do, why they're different, and how they're all true anyway. Posted in Fall 2002.

Why Christianity is Not a Religion -- What makes Christianity completely unique from the religions of the world. Posted in Spring 2002.

Where Can We Find Peace? -- Why I am convinced peace is only found in Jesus, especially in these times. Posted in Fall 2001.

Some Quotations -- Selected quotations that were encouraging and meaningful to Dan immediately after the Sep 11 terror attacks. Posted in Fall 2001.

Are You Ready? -- On September 11th, I was at Wright-Patterson AFB, and I wrote this about how the events affected me and how they affect all of us. Posted in Fall 2001.

Is Christianity Exclusive? -- Well, yes and no. But only in the best possible way... Posted in Summer 2001.