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New Family Photos

Family Photos – Early 2018 (January through early June) (16 photos)

Family Photos – Late 2018 (Late June through October) (14 photos)

Artistic Photo Galleries

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Theere are some new photos of our target shooting adventures, at the Stuff! link!

Older Family Photos, that may be of some interest...
(newer sets on top)

Family Photos – Late (i.e., December) 2016 and New Year's 2017 (37 photos)

Family Photos – Early (i.e., through May) 2017 (24 photos)

Family Photos – Mid-Year (i.e., June through October) 2017 (28 photos)

Family Photos – Late (i.e., November-December) 2017 (26 photos)

Family Photos – December 2017-New Year's 2018 (27 photos)

Family Photos – Early 2016

Family Photos – Mid-Year 2016

Family Photos – Late 2016

Family Photos – February through June 2015

Family Photos – July-November 2015

Family Photos – November 2015-January 2016

Family Photos – Summer 2014

Family Photos – Fall 2014: September-November

Family Photos – Winter 2014-2015: December 2014-February 2015

Family Photos – Our time with Hugo (our foreign exchange student during September and October 2014)

Family Photos – Pre-Christmas 2013 Activities at Home

Family Photos – Travels! Christmas 2013 - New Year 2014

Family Photos – Winter 2014: January-March

Family Photos – Spring 2014: April-May

Family Photos – Spring-Summer-Fall 2013 Activities at Home

Family Photos – Our trip to Niagara Falls! July-August 2013

Family Photos – Other trips, in August & September 2013

Family Photos – Pre-Christmas 2012 Activities at Home

Family Photos – December 2012 Trip to Washington DC

Family Photos – New Year's Trip to Yellow Springs, Ohio

Family Photos – Early 2013

Family Photos – Spring and Summer 2012

Mexico Mission Trip Photos – August 2012

Trip to Asheville for Gaye's Mom's birthday – September 2012

Concert Photos (Mannheim Steamroller and Robin Bullock/Steve Baughman – December 2012

Our Cruise to the Bahamas – February 2012!

Other Links:

Dan's essay on photography

How Dan makes his photos

Dan's photo gear

Dan is available for photography workshops, training, speaking to groups, etc. Cost, if any, is limited to expenses. Times from half an hour to a full day can be arranged. He can teach composition, equipment usage, editing with your computer, or even how to improve your photographs for scrapbooking. On-location photo trips can be arranged, too. Dan is certified as a Photography Merit Badge instructor by the Boy Scouts of America. Take advantage of his desire to glorify God and his 35 years of photographic experience!

(Disclaimer: this is not a business; I do my photography instruction on a volunteer basis, on my own time, and I reserve the right to either provide or refuse these services to any person or group for any reason.)

If you want to talk photography, call! Dan would love to share what he's learned and encourage you. Photography is a wonderful, unique way to see and share God's creation!