Antique Portraits of Ancestors

This page is to share a little about some old portraits we have of various ancestors, and what we've done with them.

The most significant recent development is that we recently were given a pair of wonderful old oil paintings. Painted in 1790 in London, they are of Dan's great-great-great-great-grandfather William Prentiss and his brother Henry Prentiss.

The paintings, hung in our bedroom.

It was a real adventure getting them hung in place. They are each almost three feet tall, and we decided to put them under our vaulted ceiling in our master bedroom. That keeps them out of the direct sun, but makes them easily seen by visitors.

To do that, and to allow the use of the existing hanging hardware on the back of each one, we decided to use the museum-style technique of hanging them from a picture rail. Of course, no one sells picture rail moldings in Warner Robins, so we ordered some on-line, measured, cut, and stained it, and finally got it installed. We like the end result!

Here are the two portraits up close:

Henry and William Prentiss.

Another genealogical item of interest is the reason we often show you a portrait of Dan, Allen, and Dan's father Fred. That relates to this photograph below:

Bullock Patriarchs

That's Edward L. Bullock on the left, his son E.L. Bullock, Jr. in the center, and Edward's father Joshua Bullock on the right. E.L. Bullock, Jr. was Fred's father, so when we show this one with our own portraits like the one below, it's six generations of Bullock men!

Fred Bullock, Allen Bullock, and Dan Bullock

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