Links to places we like to go, at least once in a while. Please remember to acroll all the way down...there's a lot of good stuff here!

Some fun finds for the Christmas 2018 update:

Waltz of the Flowers -- A wonderful and fun (and oddly addicting) video of rolling balls and wooden blocks and magnets, all timed to Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers (by Doodle Chaos...lots of similar fun stuff at this link.)
BONUS: If you're interested in an 8-minute-long Rube Goldberg machine, click on The Lemonade Machine! (Surprisingly fun.)

I Can Has Cheezburger? -- Subtitled Funny Animals Online, that's about favorite part is the captioned pictures of cute cats. (at this link – just start scrolling down...).

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) -- A terrific resource with nearly any information you desire about any movie. We use it to look up half-forgotten actors and actresses; watch trailers; and see when upcoming movies are due ti be released.

The Internet Movie Firearms Database -- Similar to the IMDb (see above), but with specific emphasis on the exact types of guns used by different movies and TV shows. A fun site if you're a gun geek like Dan.

Previously Listed Bullock Family Favorite Links


Living in the Age of Airplanes -- A very impressive movie, by National Geographic, about the wonder of aviation. Cool trailer (at this link – scroll down and click on the image of the movie poster).

SkyVector -- Online, scrollable, up-to-date aviation charts, excellent for initial flight planning.

Astronomy Picture of the Day -- From NASA. Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured.

AirNav -- flight planning tools, including in-depth info on every airport in the country. Excellent for pilots, boring for others.


     - Bibles:

Blue Letter Bible -- A great on-line Bible resource...14 English language versions, all searchable, plus concordances and other study helps. Gaye favorite - she uses it on her iPhone and her iPad!

The Bible Gateway -- An on-line searchable Bible, now in 136 versions in 47 languages (33 English versions). Dan's favorite for looking up half-remembered verses.

The NET Bible -- The first major modern English Bible translation available free on the Internet for download.

World Wide Study Bible -- An on-line searchable Bible, with links to associated commentaries and sermons.

     - Other:

Samaritan's Purse -- Christian relief agency, headed by Franklin Graham - Dan's favorite for our charitable giving. They also send Christmas shoeboxes, filled by regular people (we do it every year), to poor children around the world.

Great Commission 2020 -- A cool live map, showing, in real time, whenever someone visits one of their web sites, or indicates they've made a decision to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior -- anywhere in the world!

The Wordless Book -- The method we used to share the good news of Jesus with people at the Georgia National Fair.

Our Daily Bread -- A daily Bible devotional on-line, that Dan visits often.

Four Souls -- An on-line book by four young men who traveled the world recently in search of the epic life, to glorify God and serve others in the name of Jesus.

Central Georgia Christian Home Educators -- Our home schooling association, made up of over 160 families across Middle Georgia.

Facing The Giants -- Excellent, inspiring movie about the power of faith in Jesus to help a football team - and you - succeed in the face of great obstacles. (Available on DVD.)

Bible Places -- Excellent, up-to-date photographs and descriptions of the historical places of the Bible, and their significance.

Lee Behnken -- Lee is a music evangelist and our friend. Excellent CDs, both musically and in their proclaiming of Jesus Christ as Lord. (See "Music" section below for info on his latest project!)

Calvary Chapel Heartland -- Our church. We first learned of them from their web site, which led us to want to visit. (Isn't the Internet great?)

Laridian Electronic Publishing -- Bible software for iOS, Android, and Palm OS devices. Gaye used their MyBible program on her Palm Pilot, before she replaced it with an iPhone.

Promise Keepers Web Site -- Men Of Integrity. Dan has been to a bunch of their conferences, and it has been humbling, encouraging, and refreshing.

Concerned Women for America -- Protecting the Rights of the Family Through Prayer and Action.

Alliance Defending Freedom -- A national alliance funding legal defense and advocacy of religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, and family values.

Focus on the Family -- Practical Christian outreach to homes to strengthen families and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The Tao of Backup -- A fun & quick read about one of Dan's pet causes: backing up your computer files!

Safe Eyes -- Our choice for internet filtering. Available for Windows, Macintosh, and iOS devices.

Macintouch -- Up to date news, and software and hardware info, for Macintosh users.

Shooting Our Computer -- Video - on Youtube - of us shooting our old computer with .22 caliber guns! (1 min 42 sec of silliness...)


Clearance Jobs -- IF you have a security clearance, and IF you're looking for work, you owe it to yourself to get on this site.

Air Force Images -- High-quality photos of the U.S. Air Force, updated periodically. Airplanes, people, and missions

USO -- The USO supports military members, in tangible and meaningful ways. Please donate, as we do, to help the service members who are protecting us.

USAF's Air Chronicles published Dan's article on Air Force laboratories in 1999.


The Art of Manliness -- A fun site (for men), full of intriguing articles and (mostly) sound advice on dating, fatherhood, friendship, and marriage... -- If you (like we) have a bunch of U.S. Savings Bonds, this site is absolutely invaluable.

The Whole30 -- Gaye and Dan did this 30 day eating plan (more than just a diet), and got terrific results! Among other things, we achieved our goal weights!

Good Mythical Morning! -- Produced by Rhett and Link, Good Mythical Morning is a hilarious daily web-based program ...always family friendly, always silly!

Columbus State University -- Our daughter Anne's alma mater, in Columbus, Georgia, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. -- The shopping site that started as an on-line bookstore...but now sells nearly everything!

The Georgia Outdoor Map -- a pretty cool, somewhat interactive map of all the Georgia Department of Natural Resources facilities.

EPICKS -- Epicks Guitar Picks - excellent, high-quality exotic wood guitar picks. We love playing with them. (Pronounced like "epics.")

Candy Crush! -- A surprisingly addictive Facebook game, that will eat up all your time...

Dave Barry's Colonoscopy -- Dave Barry (who is always funny) provides a reminder for all those over 50...along with laugh-out-loud humor!

Recovery Man -- Fun for anyone who has ever been part of a Christian recovery program, or 12-step group..."Affordable Outpatient Treatment for the Humor Impaired."

The Full Disclaimer -- From Recovery Man (see above), it's a compilation of every disclaimer you've ever seen...and it's hilarious!

Netflix -- Rental DVDs in the mail, AND streaming internet movies and old TV shows.

Yoda-Speak Generator -- Your words into web site type, back to you sounding like Yoda (from Star Wars) they come, hmmm... -- THE official web site for the sport of geocaching.

Papa John's Pizza -- One of our favorite places to order pizza!

Skype -- Free phone calls (and video calls) over the Internet...Gaye uses it to talk with several friends.

Macon Tracks calendar -- This is how Dan and Gaye find out where to do their 5K walking races (in Middle Georgia).

Facebook -- Social networking. If you're on Facebook, visit Gaye's page and Dan's page.

Georgia State Parks -- Georgia has a wonderful state park system.

The Official U.S. Time -- Dan's favorite on-line time service (National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and U. S. Naval Observatory (USNO))

The Pi Song -- Yes, pi. You know, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter...3.14159...oh, just visit the site. The song is catchy - we sing it around the house!

Stampin' Up -- The web site of Stampin' Up. Anne and Gaye make very creative things with their stuff. Useful for scrapbooking.

Thin Within -- A Biblical, grace-filled approach to lasting weight loss.

Bing On-Line Translator -- Useful, fairly accurate automated translations from one language to another.

The Last Page of the Internet -- Well, all I can say is I burst out laughing. Go see for yourself.

Music and Art

Taking George Michael's legacy to a brand new, insane level (His title, not mine) -- A very cool video of amazing sounds out an acoustic guitar.

Andy McKee -- Andy, in this YouTube video, plays a rather pleasant piece on his acoustic guitar... in a VERY unconventional way!

Robin Bullock's page on the MacCubbin Guitars website -- Dan's brother has a new custom MacCubbin guitar – Robin (and his guitar) are on this page.

Alone and Together -- Dan's brother's latest CD, with Steve Baughman, is available now from -- and it's a VERY good one!

Robin Bullock, Multi-Instrumental Celtic/Folk String Wizard -- Dan's brother's official web site - IT'S NEW! - and Dan is no longer the "web wolf." Trust us, we've heard him, and everything they say about his skill is true. CDs for sale, discography, reviews, and performance schedule.

Walk off the Earth -- is a band from Canada that did this amazing video of all FIVE of them playing ONE guitar and singing! Dan's favorite is the bearded guy on the far right...

Kris Fuchigami -- is an amazing young ukulele player, playing "Europa" (by Carlos Santana). It's very soulful and romantic, and it's cool to see it played on a ukulele! (be patient...the tune really starts after a 38 second intro...)

Floppy Disk Music! -- The James Bond 007 theme music, performed by a computer controlling 13 floppy disk drives...

Sharon Himes -- Excellent art of birds and wildflowers, and writing about art and nature, by Dan's cousin.

The Cello Song -- A Piano Guys production: "What if the coolest song ever written for one cello (J.S. Bach's Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1: Prelude)...was instead written for eight?"

Xylophone Video -- A rolling wooden ball plays J.S. Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring on a long wooden xylophone through a forest. Very cool.

Song of All Songs -- A new Christian CD project by music evangelist and friend Lee Behnken. It's a worship song commentary on the Song of Solomon. We've been blessed by it!

Janet Pressley's Homepage -- Our friend Janet Pressley's two albums, Late Last Night and A Deeper State Of Blue, are terrific. Original acoustic guitar folk-rock.

Hal Gerard -- an old friend (well, not "old"...) who's an accomplished musician. Hear samples and buy his CD at his site.

Library of Congress Record Care -- how to clean and store long-playing vinyl discs (yes, we still have some).


Dan's photos in the Pentax Photo Gallery! -- Pentax has selected 17 of Dan's best photos for display in their online gallery! (Be can take a little while to load.)

Josh Eggert's StreetXpo - Photowalk -- Josh is a young friend of ours (he shot our 25th anniversary video)...and in this Youtube video, he lets us follow him around Gunsan, South Korea, as he shoots a film camera!

DigMyPics -- Dan's favorite photo scanning and digitizing service. Excellent personal service, very reasonable prices.

The Ugly Hedgehog -- a site for photographers (with a silly name), and is a GREAT learning resource. If you're deeply into photography (like Dan is), you'll enjoy reading the various topics that are asked about. The list comes up different every day, too, from this same link!

Carr Clifton -- His photographs resonate with Dan...they're like what Dan would shoot if he were there. (Hover your cursor over "Portfolios" at the top, and click on any of them!)

Chris Morrison -- Stunningly beautiful photos, especially panoramics, from all over the world.

Northern Images -- Excellent nature photos, by Dennis O'Hara. My favorite gallery is Horizons.

Patrick DiFruscia -- Another great landscape photographer, and an inspiration to of his current favorites.

Mountain Trail Photo -- A site with great outdoor photography and articles, from some of Dan's favorite photographers. Enter a photo contest!

Peter Tomlinson Photography -- Excellent Washington DC-area fine art photographer - Dan has met him.

My Florida -- Christian photographer Daniel St. Pierre's personal photographs of Florida - he has a great eye for the beauty of nature and the scenery of Florida.

Ian Plant Photography -- Masterful landscape photography of the mid-Atlantic and Appalachian regions. Superb book of Chesapeake Bay photos!

Richard Van Hoesel Photography -- Incredible landscape and seascape photography, mostly in Australia.

Danny Burk Photography -- Powerfully moving and beautiful landscape photographs.

Clinton Smith -- Powerful and serene nature photography. Simple and easy-to-use website, too.

James Kay -- Stunning photographs of the American Southwest.

Michael Gordon -- Rich, powerful, contemplative landscape images.

TheCross-Photo.Com -- Eric posted one of Dan's photos on his site about the Cross of Christ. Check out the whole site.


Google Maps -- Though our recommendations below for Bing Maps and Mapquest are still valid, we find ourselves more often than not just using Google Maps to find our way...

The Macon Telegraph -- the on-line home of the Macon Telegraph newspaper. It's a good way to keep up with our local and area news...

The 1911 Classic Encyclopedia Brittanica -- Entire text of the famous 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica, for free.

My Way News -- Just the news, straight from Associated Press. "No banners. No pop-ups. No kidding." -- Internal Revenue Service... we used their on-line Free File Fillable Forms, and had our refund within a week! (in February!).

The Charters of our Freedom -- Official site of the National Archives for the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Sun & Moon Data for One Day -- The US Naval Observatory's official source for sunrise and sunset info, for any day, anywhere in the country (useful for Dan's sunrise and sunset photography).

Bing Maps -- Maps by the new Bing search engine. Try their unique Bird's Eye View (under the Aerial menu).

One News Now -- Current world and national news, from a Christian perspective, from the American Family News Network.

MapQuest -- Dan likes this site real well (still) for getting driving directions.

OneLook -- On-line dictionary incorporating over 1,000 different dictionaries.

The Weekly Standard -- A major conservative analysis publication, with superb, well thought-out commentary.

National Review Online -- Well reasoned, intelligent conservative news analysis and commentary. Founded by William F. Buckley, Jr.

Liberty Rising -- Blog by a former co-worker of Dan's to promote the essential liberties and principles upon which the United States was founded.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Resources

(Dan has suffered tendinitis from computer overuse, and is doing what he can to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. THIS IS SERIOUS--if you feel pain in your wrists or arms when you use your computer, check this site, and don't hesitate to see a doctor!)

Typing Injury Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Merit Badge Research Center -- Everything anyone ever wanted to know about Boy Scout merit badges.


A Taste of Front Sight -- A quick video overview of what it's like at the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, in Nevada. Dan's course is shown in the video for the first 1 minute and 10 seconds.

GunBlast -- Dan's favorite firearms review site. Smart, honest, and knowledgeable, I check his reviews before I buy any new gun!

Classic Firearms -- a site that sells various old, surplus, "classic" firearms...with a fun-to-read, down-to-earth writing style.

What Does the Bible Say About Gun Control? -- A well reasoned and well presented discussion, from Gun Owners of America.

The Box O' Truth Educational Zone -- Discusses guns, types of ammo, refinishing methods, and shooting techniques...all in a straightforward and fun way. (His theme is, "It's fun to shoot stuff!")

Georgia Wildlife Management Area Shooting Ranges -- 18 outdoor target ranges, excellently maintained, and fun to visit and shoot at!

Guns and Ammo -- Dan likes Guns and Ammo as a print magazine...the web site less so, but still lots of info and articles.

NRA Gun Safety Rules -- A good site describing the 3 fundamental rules for safe gun handling.

Eagle Gun Range - Dan recommends Eagle Gun Range to all shooting enthusiasts in Middle Georgia. Indoor range and handgun rentals (try their .44 Magnum Ruger Super Redhawk revolver)!


Intellicast Weather -- Dan's favorite weather radar image site.

Weather Underground -- cute name, better local forecasts than the Weather Channel.

The National Hurricane Center -- The official National Weather Service site for up-to-date hurricane status and forecasts.

NOAA's Aviation Weather Center -- The definitive aviation weather source: only for pilots or really hard-core weather junkies.