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- Updated Winter 2018 -

...dedicated to God's glory.

"Exaltation comes neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the Judge: He puts down one, and exalts another." (Psalm 75:6-7, NKJV)

photography by dan and anne bullock

These are photos that have either won contests, or have been published!

At long last, Dan has had another photo published! The Macon Telegraph chose to publish this photo in December 2017 of Dan's brother Robin (on the left) playing a Christmas concert in Macon (December 2013) with Steve Baughman.

Here's how it looks in the newspaper!

And, if you want to, you can click here to see a larger image that make the whole article readable (though you may have to click again once it appears to make it full size, and then you'll have to scroll around to see it all....)

Older Items

And (for four years running) Dan had a photo published in the State Dock catalog for houseboat vacations! This time, they used his photo of his father piloting the houseboat we rented together in September 2010.

Here's how it looks in the catalog!

For the third year in a row, State Dock Marina (where we rented a houseboat in September 2010) used Dan's photo as the premier image of their 750 series of houseboat in their 2011 brochure! You can see the published brochure online by clicking here.

Dan won a gift certificate from Ruger Firearms for this photo of Gaye having a good time shooting with Dan. (Dan thinks the only reason he won is that he has such a beautiful wife...)

(Sorry, Ruger no longer displays the photos on the web...)

Once again, State Dock (where we rented a houseboat in 2008) used some of Dan's photos in their 2010 brochure! This time, they used one of my photos for the main picture of this model of boat.

Dan has 17 photos on display in the Pentax Photo Gallery (click the logo above to go see.) It's a juried gallery, with selections made by Pentax. (I've submitted over a hundred of my very best shots showing God's beauty in nature, and only these 17 have made the cut.) Of course, all the photos throughout the gallery are made with Pentax cameras.

State Dock, the Lake Cumberland marina where we rented a houseboat in 2008, used three of Dan's photos in their 2009 brochure!

This photo, a double exposure taken with one of Dan's old film cameras, was featured on the Online Photographer website recently, in a challenge for people to go use a "forgotten" film camera.

Here's the text that was published with the photo:

"Thanks for the encouragement to break out my old Argus C3 Matchmatic. I used it as my primary camera when I was learning photography in the mid-'70s, so it brought back some fond memories. One memory that didn't quite come back fast enough, however, was the proper operation of its decoupled functions. The shutter is cocked manually, separately from advancing the film, so after all these years, I often found myself forgetting to wind the film before taking another picture. In this instance, though, it fortuitously worked out well, as I inadvertently double-exposed our flag on the 4th of July."

And here's the camera I used (this was also shown on the Online Photographer website):

Dan's photo, Barrels, took Sixth Place in the Still Life Category, Advanced Level, at the 2007 Georgia National Fair.

Anne's photo, titled Beach Umbrellas, received an Honorable Mention at the Georgia National Fair in 2006.

Dan's photo, Tel Aviv Sunset, took Second Place in the Scenic Category, Advanced Level, at the 2006 Georgia State Fair. (The State Fair and the National Fair are two different fairs, held about two weeks apart. The National Fair is more competitive.)

Dan's photo of Allen playing basketball at home was published by Parade Magazine on their web edition in August 2006.

Dan's photo of our church working on a house was published by the Ft. Valley Leader Tribune in April 2006.

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