Photos of some concepts for Flyimg Cars through the years!

Here's a classic image - on a 1957 cover of Popular Mechanics magazine, complete with the suggestion that it might be "your flying car" in the future....i.e., 1967!

It had, sort of, already been done...the Tampier Roadable biplane, shown in Paris in 1921, was driven around that city, after flying there...seems awkward, though...

The Fulton "Airphibian" (what a great name!), got its flight certification in 1946, but even if it had been produced, would have been awkward to drive, because you had to leave the aft fuselage behind.

The Convair 118 seemed at least somewhat workable, and was successfully test flown in the late 1940's, but was never put into production.

The Aerocar of 1949 was a success, in that it was legally and safely drivable, and was flyable, too. Six were made, but as with the others, it was never put into production.

Jesse James, the star of the TV show Monster Garage, built this one-of-a-kind flying car in 2005, from a Panoz Esperante (an $80,000+ sports car), but it only flew a few seconds in ground effect.

Somewhat more up to date, the Terrafugia company has been developing the Transition...flying so far only as a prototype, Terrafugia hopes to make its first customer delivery in 2016.

Thanks for being interested - this was fun!

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