Family Photos - early 2013

Spring 2013 Update

In January 2013, Anne, Allen, Jordan, and Allen's friend David all play the stacking blocks game in our living room.

We occasionally get together with some friends to play the game Catan; here Allen (far left), our friend Nick, and Anne are playing. By the way, yes, the game IS as complex as it looks, and it takes all of both families all afternoon to play it!

For our anniversary, Dan took Gaye to Hilton Head Island. Here she's resting for a moment at the marina at Harbour Town.

The next day on our anniversary trip, Dan and Gaye went bicycling around Hilton Head Island (they have great bike trails). We shot photos of each other as we were stopped for lunch, and Dan made a composite photo in Photoshop!

While biking, we also ran across this silly great egret, who walked right in front of Dan, making him stop suddenly. He didn't seem flustered at all, and just walked slowly away...

On our way to a fancy dinner, we stopped to take sunset pictures, and a friendly gentleman offered to take our picture. We ended up out of focus and underexposed, but Dan salvaged the photo as best he could.

Here we are at dinner (for Dan's birthday, which is the same day as our anniversary!), and we took these two photos of each other in the dim light of Trattoria Divina.

Dan went out in the early morning to take sunrise photos. Gaye went too! (which is how she got this picture of Dan...)

A self portrait as we enjoyed a breezy morning on the beach. (You can see, in our sunglasses, reflections of Dan's outstretched arm holding the camera.)

Dan and Gaye went to a special event in Perry, Georgia, where there were many local restaurants providing samples of their chocolate goodies, and there was dancing! We (and several new friends from our dancing club) danced to the music of a live big band!

Allen poses for a yearbook photo in his graduation cap and gown.

At the same graduation photo session, Dan got this informal portrait.

Gaye plays music with a couple of kids from our "Care Group" (our church's name for home fellowship groups).

Gaye and Dan had their portrait taken by our friend Abby!

Here's a nice shot of Gaye, taken by her young friend Iliana, who loves playing with Gaye's iPad.

For Dan's birthday, Allen bought him a laser sight, which Dan is installing on his carbine.

Now that the weather is warmer (this was in April 2013), Dan and Gaye are geocaching again (see? we found it!).

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