Family Photos - September-October 2014 with Hugo Franceschetto!

Winter 2015 Update

We had a short-term foreign exchange student! His name is Hugo Franceschetto, and he's from near Rouen, France. This was his room for the 8 weeks or so that he lived with us...Dan decommissioned his study (and we added a bed) to make room for him.

One thing we did pretty early on was to go together to the Museum of Aviation. Here he tries out the crew compartment of a Bell UH-1 "Huey" helicopter.

Dan got a picture of Hugo walking by a B-52 Stratofortress bomber.

Hugo got to go a homecoming dance with his high school! Here he's posing with his date.

And here they both are, posing as part of a larger group for photos.

Dan got one photo (blurry, because of motion and a slow shutter speed) of Hugo playing soccer with a local league, in the dark under the lights.

Hugo's ready to enjoy dinner!

Hugo went with us to Black Mountain, North Carolina, to visit Dan's brother Robin. Here, while on a scenic drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway, Robin and Hugo share a joke, while waiting for Dan to finish taking pictures (photo by Gaye).

Shortly before Hugo moved on to his next family, we made him an elegant candlelight dinner (Gaye made beef bourguignon!). He seems to be enjoying it!

And then, for a final nice dinner out, we took Hugo to our favorite Italian restaurant (because he REALLY likes Italian), Carrabbas...and Gaye shot a selfie of herself, Dan, and Hugo!

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