Family Photos - Late 2016

Summer 2017 Update

Gaye enjoys the shade under her new hat while browsing at the Yellow Springs Street Fair, in early October 2016.

At the Street Fair, Gaye befriended a young girl who was busking on the street with her ukulele. When she asked Gaye to watch her uke while she went to the rest room, Gaye started playing it, pretending to be a busker herself!

Gaye converses with classmates Holly and Mary at the Oakwood High School 40th-year reunion, at the Taj Ma Garaj in October 2016.

Gaye and her friend Joanie Sheehan-Baker look at a small tree commemorating those classmates who have passed away.

Gaye talks to classmate Julie.

Dan and Gaye pose at the Taj Ma Garaj, with Gaye's friends and Mark and Joanie Baker.

Gaye talks at the reunion with classmate Nancy.

After Gaye's reunion (in Dayton, Ohio), we drove to Washington DC to visit Dan's parents. In this picture, Dan's Mom and Dad are enjoying being at their favorite restaurant with us!

Gaye playing her guitar in Dan's parents' living room.

While we were in DC, we got to attend a concert – a duo of Dan's brother Robin and Aoife Clancey!
Here's Robin...

...and here's Aoife!

Robin's promoter, Joe Cullison, introducing them.

Robin again.

Then, on the way home from Washington, DC, we stopped at Amicalola Falls State Park in North Georgia to hike to the Hike Inn. Here's Gaye all set to start...

....and Dan (in October 2016)! (photo © Gaye Bullock)

A picture of our shadows as we walked along.

Gaye likes babbling brooks.

This is the interior of one of their common rooms, where Gaye is enjoying playing guitar...gorgeous place, isn't it?

The rear of the Hike Inn (and the exterior of the room in the previous photo!).

Gaye playing guitar outdoors at the Hike Inn.

Gaye at dawn...

and Dan at dawn!

And here's a self-timer shot of us returning toward civilization after staying at the Hike Inn!

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