Family Photos - July-Early November 2015

Winter 2016 Update

This is the scene of our car accident on the 4th of July, 2015, where Dan broke a rib and Gaye broke her neck.

Here's Gaye, with her newly installed "halo" neck brace, July 2015

Gaye stayed in good spirits the entire time she had her halo. Here she gives her testimony to a group of about 300 people!

Allen playing Scrabble at home with us

Gaye taking her turn at Scrabble (with her halo!), September 2015

This is our "new" (2006) Buick Lucerne that we got for Gaye in place of our totaled van. (Nice smooth ride!)

This is the group of people from our church that went to Nevada for the Front Sight Firearms Institute's Defensive Handgun Course. (Sorry about the small size and the shadows on the faces...Dan's the second from the right.) (September 2015) (photo © Eric Underwood)

Gaye, with her friends Jane and Ellie, who were with her when she got her halo removed! (September 2015) (photo © Gaye Bullock)

They celebrated by posing with a bear in a park in Macon! (This is a composite of two photos.) (photo © Gaye Bullock)

Gaye and her friend Jane rehearse as part of the worship team at Central Point Chapel in Byron, Georgia. (October 2015)

Susan, Gaye, and Jane singing on a Sunday November, at Central Point Chapel.

Here are all of our cars, together at the same time (which is rare...) in October 2015. Dan calls them "the fleet!" Front left is Dan's Ford Explorer; behind it is Gaye's new Buick Lucerne; front right is our Pontiac Bonneville that Anne drives; and the red one on the street is our GMC Jimmy that Allen drives.

Another view of "the fleet," emphasizing the Jimmy.

Dan and Gaye dressed up for "wig night" at Southside Baptist Church, on Halloween. WE call this combination "the aging rock star with his blonde bombshell wife!" (Note that by this time Gaye is in an adjustable neck brace, not the halo.)

Gaye (on the far left) with a group of her church friends. (photo © Gaye Bullock)

When Gaye's mom (Beverly) came to visit in November, she enjoyed holding our cat, Stryper!

Beverly and Gaye's friend Marcy rest while shopping in Columbus Georgia, November 2015.

At Brushes and Beverages in Columbus, Georgia (where Anne works), Beverly checks out Marcy's progress on her painting. (November 2015)

Gaye is also working hard on her painting.

Marcy, Beverly, Dan, and Gaye pose with their paintings (with our professional helper, Anne, behind us).

Gaye, Beverly, and Dan enjoying the outdoors at Lane Southern Orchards. (photo © Marcy Lewis)

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