Photos of our family target shooting adventures in 2015-2016

NOTE: Newer items are on top; targets are at the bottom.

Updated Summer 2017

Gaye takes aim with our Ruger GP100 revolver (.357 Magnum) in November of 2016.

Dan's co-worker, George Turner, looks on as Gaye looks cheerfully at the camera after shooting George's .44 caliber Ruger Redhawk revolver in October 2015.

Here, Dan prepares to shoot George's .44 caliber Redhawk (photo © Gaye Bullock)

in September 2015, Dan traveled with a large group from our church to the Front Site Firearms Training Institute, in Nevada. Here our pastor, Steve, shoots at his target. (Mischa and Eric, to the right, were part of our group too.)

Here we're getting ready for a day of shooting (the course was 4 days long). It was VERY hot in the southern Nevada desert! (We were about an hour's drive from Las Vegas.)

Here's Dan shooting, probably from the 15 yard line. I was using a rental gun (a Glock 17 full-size 9mm).

Here Dan (on the right) competes against a fellow student in shooting at steel plates (I won this round, but lost my next one,)

In July, Allen came shooting with his friend David and Dan. He enjoys shooting our Ruger GP-100 .357 Magnum revolver.

Allen also really likes shooting our highly customized Russian Mosin-Nagant rifle.

David shoots the GP-100 while Gaye watches.

Gaye shoots Dan's new (old) Beretta 92S 9mm semi-automatic.

Gaye smiles after shooting the Ruger GP-100 .357 Magnum revolver.

In May, Dan bought a new (old) Beretta 92S 9mm semi-automatic pistol! It's a turn-in by an Italian police agency, and was reworked by the Beretta factory before resale. It's a great gun, and I got it for a great price!

Gaye, on a cold day in February 2015, shoots our Ruger GP-100 revolver.

Two Mosin-Nagant rifles on the firing line! In the foreground, George shoots his all-original-condition rifle, while Gaye, in the white jacket, shoots our modified rifle!

Dan, shooting at the Eagle Gun Range in Macon, in November 2016, shot this group with 5 (or maybe 6) rounds from his Ruger GP100 revolver, freehand, from about 21 feet!

The first time Dan took his new (old) Beretta out to shoot, it was at the Warner Robins Police Range, and this is the result from about 20 feet with 45 rounds. The ragged hole is only 2 inches wide!

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