Photos of our family target shooting adventures in 2014

NOTE: Newer items are on top; targets are at the bottom.

Updated December 2014

While he was visiting us for Thanksgiving, we took Dan's brother Robin to the Ocmulgee Wildlife Management Area range. Here he shoots Dan's .45 caliber Hi-Point JHP pistol.

Robin enjoyed shooting Dan's 9mm Hi-Point 995 carbine. It's a fun, easy-to-handle, accurate little rifle...

...and Robin turned out to be a VERY good shot with it! This is his target: TEN shots, all together, from 30 feet!

Dan's co-worker, Scott, in November, shooting Dan's .45 caliber Hi-Point JHP (caught in mid-recoil!).

Gaye enjoys trying out Scott's .22 caliber lever-action rifle

Gaye watches through binoculars while Scott shoots Dan's .38 caliber Ruger GP-100 revolver.

Scott also had fun shooting the Mosin-Nagant rifle (big boom)!

Gaye shoots the Mosin-Nagant.

Laurie (during a "His Angels" day at the range in June 2014) shoot's Dan's co-worker George's semi-automatic AK-47.

Gaye watches through binoculars while our friend Larry shoots the AK-47 (A former Army officer, he said "I've seen the enemy's guns, but I've never shot one before!"

Amanda enjoyed shooting our .45 caliber Hi-Point pistol.

Gaye with her favorite of all our guns...the 9mm carbine!

Gaye enjoying her birthday in April 2014 at the range (yes, really -- it was her idea) with a couple of her girlfriends (and Dan) and our .45 caliber Hi-Point pistol.

We housesat for some friends in April 2014, and took advantage of the chance to use their backyard range. Here, Gaye shows off our arsenal.

And Dan poses with the guns, too, and holds up a 7.62x54mm cartridge for his Mosin Nagant rifle. (Photo © Gaye Bullock)

A semi-artistic view of our long guns, with the setting sun reflecting off of them. From left: our 12-gauge shotgun, our 9mm carbine, and our 7.62mm rifle.

In March 2014, we went to the range with a couple of new friends, Larry and Lisa. Here Dan watches while Lisa shoots her husband's Hi-Point C9 9mm pistol. (Photo © Gaye Bullock)

And here, Larry shoots Dan's Hi-Point 9mm carbine. (Photo © Gaye Bullock)

Larry also enjoyed shooting Dan's Mosin Nagant rifle.

We went shooting on a cold morning in February 2014 with a co-worker of Dan's (George) and his wife Melanie. Here Gaye watches through binoculars as Melanie shoots George's semi-automatic AK-47 rifle.

In November, Dan shot this target (like the one below) with the Mosin-Nagant rifle. The total diameter of this 5-shot group is about 3 inches...which is pretty good, because it's at a range of 150 feet!

In his first "show-off" target of the year, Dan shot his scoped Mosin-Nagant rifle at 50 feet in April, from a bench rest, putting three shots effectively into a single hole! Pretty good for a 1943 Soviet Army surplus rifle, firing 1971 Bulgarian surplus ammo!

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