Dan's Thoughts on God's Perfect Timing in Blessing Dan with a New Job in 2010

My God will meet all your needs according
to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19, NIV

Once again -- for the third time in a row -- God took care of our family and met our needs as Dan transitioned from one job to another. As always, he did it in an elegant and unexpected way, in his own perfect timing!

I (Dan) have now had to change jobs three times in the last six years. The first time was when I retired from the Air Force in 2004. (I wrote about that experience in my "Dan's Thankful Thoughts" entry.)

The second time was two years ago, when I was laid off from SRA and God graciously provided a new job with SAIC in 2008. (That story is in my "Dan's New Job" entry.)

So, maybe the Lord has been successfully getting it through my thick head that he really will provide for all our needs, because this time around, I truly was not worried. Our contract at SAIC was scheduled to end at the end of 2009, and in early December the company told us that they were unsuccessful in getting new follow-on work. Our entire project team -- about 40 people at 4 locations around the country -- got layoff notices, myself included.

So, I started applying for openings around Warner Robins, and telling everybody I knew that I was looking for work. Let me say, my deepest thanks and appreciation to you if you were one of the saints who forwarded my resume, or talked to your boss on my behalf, or passed on information about a job opportunity you knew of.

In this current economy, the wheels seemed to move slowly. I had no evidence of interest from any employers as the end of December approached. I had sent resumes to a number of people and companies, and applied for several jobs, including a couple of on-base civil servant positions...but nothing had happened.

Then, just two days before the end of December, SAIC told me they wanted to keep me on part-time! O.k., I thought, that's a new twist. Even though the rest of the team got laid off, I came back to work in January, working 15-20 hours a week, doing closeout actions for the old contract, a little work on a different contract, and helping with proposals to try to land some new work.

This part-time status continued for nearly three months! I would not have ever expected that, but God arranged it so that our family was taken care of financially. Oh, sure, we had to cut back in many areas...but that was good for us, too. (Builds character.)

And, of course, I kept looking for a new job. I got one interview at the end of January, then didn't hear back from them. A chief engineer on base wanted to hire me, but couldn't get through the administrative hassles. Then, finally, I heard about an engineering job with the Bering Straits company, that works on Robins Air Force Base. I called, sent my resume, and waited.

At SAIC, about half-way through March, there were finally some indications that the part-time status was nearing an end. No new contracts had come in, and they couldn't keep me on much longer. Then I got a call from Bering Straits, and within a 24-hour period, I had an interview, got an offer letter, negotiated a couple of minor points, and accepted the offer!

I would never have foreseen God providing via part-time employment -- but it gave me new opportunities: to take some extra time with the family (especially helping with homeschool!); to look for other jobs; and to rest.

Throughout this three-month hiatus, I've been carrying a small wooden coin in my pocket, with a verse on it: "Give thanks in all circumstances," from 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NIV). It hasn't always been easy, but these experiences have increased my faith, as I've seen the faithfulness of God in my life and my family's life. I have been giving thanks, and I give thanks now!

And, to top it off, and to show how God has all things in his hands, and can provide everything we need...the very day I accepted the job offer, I got a call from another company wanting to discuss a job opportunity. (Like I said, I sometimes have a thick head, and seems like God makes sure I get the point!)

God is good!