What God spoke to Dan in his early morning photography

Wisdom I learned from taking nature photos in the early mornings:

I (Dan) have a passion for experiencing God's creative beauty in nature, and photographing it and sharing it for his glory. More specifically, I find I'm particularly drawn to photographing sunrises and sunsets. (All you have to do is look at my artistic galleries on this site to confirm that!) So, in order to capture a beautiful sunrise with my camera, I have to get up early.

In October 2008, I went by myself to Amicalola Falls State Park, to have some alone time with the Lord and get refreshed. (I'm an introvert by nature, and I get recharged in solitude.) While there, I got up early each morning to take photos, and the Lord spoke some wisdom to me.

I realized as I rushed to get to chosen locations by certain times, that the sunrise would happen whether or not I took photos of it. The earth would turn, and the light would change, as ordained by God, whether I was in position to appreciate it or not. When I was in position at the right time, however, I would be blessed by the splendor and glory provided by God.

What a parable of the Christian life! God will accomplish his will in the world with or without me. His prophecies will be fulfilled, just as they always have been, whether I cooperate with his purpose or not. He will keep his promises, and always be faithful, whether I am faithful or not. When I cooperate, and am in the right place in his will, however, I receive the blessing he intends for me, and grow in my relationship with him.

(By the way, I was in the right place at the right time about 300 times at Amicalola Falls...at least that's how many photos I came home with!)

Amicalola Falls State Park, October 2008