Family Photos -- Spring 2014: May

Summer 2014 Update

In May 2014, Dan's Dad and Mom came to visit us in Georgia! They were here to help celebrate Anne's 21st birthday, and just to visit. Here's Dad...

...and here's Mom!

One major activity during their time here was jigsaw puzzles! Here Anne's boyfriend Ben works on one with Dan's mom.

And then Anne joined in the fun with her Grandmommy and Ben.

Dan's dad had lots of questions about using his digital camera. After some learning together from the manual, and some one-on-one teaching from Dan, we went into the back yard to try things out. Dad used his camera...

...and Dan used two of his...(photo © Fred Bullock) get pictures like this one (nothing exciting, but an opportunity to talk about shutter speeds, ISO settings, and exposure),

and this one, by Dad, of our cat Purrty!(photo © Fred Bullock)

Then, we all went out to dinner at Red Lobster (at Anne's request) to celebrate her 21st birthday. She's reading a birthday card while Ben looks on.

Anne's Granddaddy and Grandmommy across the table from her -- Granddaddy, like Dan, was taking pictures!

Gaye, Anne, and Ben, as Anne prepares to blow out the candle on her (gourmet) cupcake.

A couple days later, Dan got a picture of Gaye with her two kids (Who knows how often we'll have opportunities like this, as fast as they're growing up...)

An outdoor portrait of Anne and Allen, by their Granddaddy Bullock! (photo © Fred Bullock)
(Allen's t-shirt, by the way, says, "and God said:"
It then lists Maxwell's equations: the set of four fundamental equations describing electromagnetism,
And then says, "and there was light!")

Anne sitting on the porch at the cabin. (Gaye and Gaye's mom took Anne to a nice cabin at Hocking Hills State Park in central Ohio for her birthday.) May 2014. (Photo © Gaye Bullock)

Anne, Gaye, and Gaye's mom Beverly posing for a "selfie" while staying at their cabin. (Photo © Gaye Bullock)

In May, Gaye played guitar and sang with several of her friends, leading worship at a local church (not ours). Dan took this photo during rehearsal.

In early June, we got hit by another car, which totaled our Pontiac Montana minivan. We were o.k., thank the Lord!

And, by God's grace, we found THIS car TWO DAYS LATER, right here in Warner Robins! It's a used Buick Terraza, but it looks and drives like new, and has very low miles! Praise the Lord!

Anne had started this jigsaw puzzle when Grandmommy and Granddaddy visited...but she DID finally finish it!

all images © 2014 dan bullock except as noted
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