Family Photos – December 2017-New Year's 2018

Winter 2018 Update

As we drove from Washington DC to Dayton, Ohio in late December 2017, we saw snow! So, Dan just had to take a picture of it, in case we didn't see any more (which turned out not to be a problem, as you'll see a little further down this page...)

The cat's in the bag! Gaye is playing with her Mom's cat, Addy, the evening that we showed up at her Mom's place in Yellow Springs, Ohio, December 2017.

Carol is playing with her new dog, Squiggy.

Gaye sits and holds her sister Petey's and Carol's cat, Vandal.

Our first morning in Yellow Springs, THIS is what we woke up to! SNOW! Plus it stayed around, because the temperatures stayed sub-freezing the whole time we were there! (December 2017)

Gaye looks at her Mom, Beverly, while they pick out goodies at the pastry case at Dorothy Lane Market, Oakwood, Ohio, December 2017.

Gaye, Allen, and Beverly (in the reflection) are enjoying our traditional Lunch-At-Dorothy-Lane-Market-After-Buying-Food.

We did a driving tour of some of Gaye's old haunts in and around Oakwood, Ohio. Here's the house she grew up in – 69 East Dixon Avenue.

Gaye and Beverly are checking out the free samples at Esther Price Chocolates, Dayton, Ohio, December 2017.

We also drove past a house that Dan and Gaye used to live in, in the late 90's...4149 Rushton Drive, Beavercreek, Ohio, December 2017.

Gaye asked Dan if he could photograph the sparkles that appeared on the snow – he said yes, and it seems to have worked!

Gaye holding Squiggy, Yellow Springs, Ohio, December 2017.

Gaye went outside, in the snow, to make a snow angel on New Year's Eve Day 2017...

...and it turned out pretty well!

Allen playing with Gaye's brother Leigh's and his wife Miki's dog, Mabel, New Year's Eve 2017

Leigh, Carol, and Petey, all just relaxing on the couch at Beverly's place, Yellow Springs, Ohio, New Year's Eve 2017

Leigh chats with Miki and Beverly while Miki works on dinner, New Year's Eve 2017

Dan holding Vandal, Yellow Springs, Ohio, New Year's Eve 2017

Afteer New Year's Eve dinner we did party poppers, that not only had the funny hats, but also whistles (8 of them – an octave!). Here, Gaye directs us all in playing Christmas carols on whistles!

Here we all are (it's a composite photo – Dan's been pasted in from another version of the picture), New Year's Day 2018

Allen looks on while Gaye, Miki, and Beverly work on New Year's Day dinner.

Beverly's Christmas tree, with presents ready for New Year's Day gift exchange.

Miki is having fun with New Year's Day gift exchange.

Gaye, Beverly, and Allen enjoying the New Year's Day 2018 gift exchange

Carol holds Squiggy while Petey shows off a present, New Year's Day 2018

We got ready to drive back to Georgia, the day after New Year's, when the temperature was SEVEN DEGREES BELOW ZERO! (Brrr...)

Dan admired the nighttime skyline as we drove through Atlanta, Georgia, January 2018 (it's o.k...Gaye was driving!)

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