Family Photos -- Winter 2014: January-March

Summer 2014 Update

A picture, shot by Anne, of Gaye and Dan by streetlights only outside her dorm – using Dan's new camera, it was an exposure of 1/50 of a second, hand held, at ISO 12,800!! (Photo © Anne Bullock)

Dan and Gaye posing in front of the camera, after shooting some dramatic sunrise photos together, in January 2014

In late January 2014 we actually had SNOW, here in GEORGIA! Wow. This photo shot at night, from indoors, where it was warm...

Stryper in a drawer! Well, it was her idea. February 2014.

Gaye (center, in blue) got to help lead the worship time at Christ Chapel Warner Robins one Wednesday in February 2014, with her friends Jane (in red) and Susan! Dan had volunteered to run the sound board for them, so he took their photo from the sound booth!

Dan and Gaye shot this "selfie" just before the Celtic Woman concert in February 2014 in Macon. Sadly (for Dan), photography wasn't permitted during the show...

...but he did get this shot, right after the last song, as the ladies of Celtic Woman (the four in colorful dresses) and their band say good night to the audience.

After the Celtic Woman concert, Dan and Gaye stayed in a nice hotel in Macon, to celebrate our anniversary (and Dan's birthday)! Here's Gaye at dinner.

And here's Dan at dinner. (Photo © Gaye Bullock)

Dan and Gaye pose at the "Art of Chocolate" dance in Perry, GA, in February 2014. It's a multi-purpose function: local restaurants offer free samples of their chocolate creations, and there's artwork for sale.

Gaye poses for Dan's camera at the "Art of Chocolate" dance. Yes, there's dancing, too, with live music by the Georgia Big Band!

Gaye in the sunshine near the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, in the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, Florida, March 2014.

Anne was invited to be in the wedding party for her friend Jenny's wedding, and Dan and Gaye were invited, too, so we all went to Florida for a couple of days in March 2014.

In this picture, Anne is processing with one of the groomsmen (yes, they really did dress like this for the wedding...sort of a rural/farm theme...and the whole wedding party (men and women) wore cowboy boots!)

Anne, standing on the left, serving as one of Jenny's bridesmaids (with flash)

Anne serving as one of Jenny's bridesmaids (without flash!)

Anne, with all the bridesmaids, and Jenny on the right.

The official wedding photographer got this shot of Anne dancing after the wedding with her boyfriend Ben.

O.K., here we're just being REALLY silly, playing with Gaye's iPad...

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