Family Photos - New Year's Trip to Yellow Springs, Ohio

Spring 2013 Update

At a gas stop on the way from Washington to Ohio, we found some snow! Anne made a snow angel...

...and Allen and Dan made a snowman!

Gaye contributed her hat and scarf for a photo!

From the left, Gaye's mom, Beverly, her brother Leigh and wife Micki, and Gaye

Gaye got a chance to visit her old friend, Mary!

We needn't have worried about having enough snow to play this and the next photo, it's still falling! Here, Gaye's sister Pete and Anne add some finishing touches to a snow-bear.

Anne, Allen, Pete, and Carol pose with their finished handiwork. (Note the snow-bear on the left, and the frightened snowman on the right!)

On New Year's Eve, we put on party hats and got ready to ring in the new year (an hour or two early...we were getting sleepy...) Gaye and her mom (and George, the cat, in her lap) wearing their hats.

Allen and Dan put on party hats, too.

Gaye celebrates our virtual "New Year" moment with a confetti gun. You can see the confetti all through the air.

Wow - lots of snow on New Year's morning!

Gaye brushing some fresh snowfall off the Snow-bear and his bottle of Coke.

Gaye's mom, Beverly, looking through the car glass as we get ready to leave Ohio...Gaye found the frozen snowflakes to be very pretty in the rising sun. (Photo by Gaye)

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