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In August, Dan took Allen on a special weekend trip. where he discussed becoming a man, and had a small ceremony where he "knighted" Allen into the fellowship of men. Here Allen holds the sword that Dan used to "knight" him.

Gaye and Dan enjoying the hot tub at the Lodge at Callaway Gardens, where they went for a marriage retreat with our church.

The marriage retreat was in August 2013. Here Dan and Gaye are eating dinner with some friends (who took the photo!).

Then, in September, we started a long trip to many places! ALL the rest of the photos on this page are from the same trip.
This is downtown Dayton, Ohio, in the art building on Sinclair Community College's campus. Gaye is pointing to an artwork by her brother, Leigh Waltz! (It's the face of Jesus done in pieces of aluminum, stamped with the words of Jesus, and is titled "Talking Christ.")

Then, in the elevated walkway between two of the college buildings, is another art installation by Leigh Waltz. In place for several years now, it's titled "Gallery of Innovators."

A cool thing about the "Gallery of Innovators." is the way the sun casts the images onto the floor! (The innovators include Frank Lloyd Wright, Claude Monet, Wassily Kandinsky (abstract painter), Sofonisba Anguissola (Renaissance painter), Alexander Calder...)

Gaye took this panoramic picture of the walkway and the front of the art building. (You can click here to see it somewhat larger.)

We visited with Gaye's mom, Beverly, in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Here Gaye is giving her mom birthday presents!

We also got to see our friend Betsy at a restaurant for breakfast. From left: Gaye; Beverly; Betsy's daughter, Caroline; and Betsy.

Then, we drove to Fairfax, Virginia, to take a week-long course in Biblical Counseling! Gaye is in our classroom during a break in the class on the first day.

Peggy and John are a delightful couple who put us up in their home during our class...and fed us dessert every evening! (Thanks!)

A fun feature in Peggy and John's home is a liitle room, accessed through the closet in the room we stayed in. It's under the stairs, so the ceiling is about 4 feet high, and it has little furniture, for grandkids and neighbor kids to have their own place to play!

A group shot of our Biblical Counseling classmates and instructors.

We followed our class with a visit to Dan's parents in Washington DC...and went to a house concert by Dan's brother Robin Bullock. We got to join in a jam session with Robin (on the right, with the mandolin) before the concert!

Robin smiles at the audience while being introduced, just before his concert begins.

Finally, on the way home from DC, we stopped in North Carolina to visit Gaye's Uncle Gary and Aunt Shirley, and their family. Here Gary shows off his new tablet computer.

Gaye listening to her cousin Deena.

Gary and Shirley at a restaurant they took us all to.

From the top: Dan; Gaye; cousin Kerry; cousin Deena; Uncle Gary; and Aunt Shirley. (photo by Kerry's girlfriend Julie)

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