Photos from our Trip to Asheville
For Gaye's Mom's birthday
September 2012

The big highlight of our Asheville visit was a tour of The Biltmore, the Vanderbilt mansion that's the biggest private home in the country.

Here's our group: In the back row, Dan, Miki, and Leigh; in the middle, Beverly (aka Mom) and Gaye; and in the front, Anne.

Anne posing with a friend. (Sorry, we don't know the lion's name...)

Miki, Beverly, and Leigh walking in front of the Biltmore house. (We weren't allowed to take photos on the inside.)

During the tour of the house, though, we got to go out onto a patio, where Dan COULD take photos! Miki, Anne, Beverly, and Gaye are listening to the self-paced audio tour.

There was a pretty flower growing in a pot on the patio.

Here's the view from the patio, toward the Blue Ridge mountains.

After the tour, Miki, Gaye, Leigh, and Beverly enjoy lunch on the Biltmore premises.

Here, we're walking toward our next tour - a bus tour (which our feet appreciated!) of some of the surrounding grounds and features of the estate.

While we waited for the bus to arrive, we were able to admire the amazing architecture of the Biltmore house.

Our bus tour guide, Howard (on the left), talks to our group (including Gaye, on the right) during a walking break from the bus ride.

Howard made sure to show us the best angle for a dramatic photo of the house, reflected in a lake.

Aren't those some cool lily pads? Miki made sure to show me, so I could get a photo.

Gaye, Leigh, and Miki having fun together in a section of the estate that had lots of little shops.

Then, that evening, we went to the Sunset Terrace restaurant in the Grove Park Inn - a VERY elegant place! We took this group portrait at the Inn: Dan, Anne, Beverly, Miki, Leigh, and Gaye. (It's a composite...Dan took one with Gaye, then Gaye took one with Dan, and Dan spliced them together in Photoshop!)

Beverly and Leigh at the dinner table...

...and Anne and Gaye facing them.

Anne got chilly, and Uncle Leigh lent her his jacket!

When we checked out the next morning, the front desk was selling little rubber duckies to raise funds for a children's hospital. So, the girls (Gaye, Anne, and Miki) all got one, and then they just HAD to pose!

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