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Family Photos - Late (i.e., November-December) 2017

Winter 2018 Update

Dan & Gaye got to dress up for a ball, raising funds for our local Habitat For Humanity. Held on Veteran's Day, Dan got to wear his miniature medals on his tuxedo. (We went for the live big band music and the ballroom dancing!)

Allen at the table for Thanksgiving dinner at home.

And Anne is ready for Thanksgiving dinner at home (though looking a little suspicious about having her picture taken!).

Gaye is working on Christmas decorations late on Thanksgiving Day 2017 (while the kids were around to help!).

In early December 2017, we went to Dan's brother Robin's and Steve Baughman's annual Christmas concert at the Wesleyan College in Macon!

Another shot from the concert, this time showing Robin playing mandolin and Steve playing banjo.

Gaye having fun with a baby, who in turn is having a good time with Dan's cane, at our church's annual Christmas Fellowship.

Our cat, Stryper, "helping" her mommy (Gaye) write Christmas cards.

Gaye, complete with Santa hat, enjoying gift exchange on Christmas Day 2017.

Allen, complete with elf hat, holds our cat, Stryper, on Christmas Day 2017.

Stryper gets her Christmas presents (which she actually likes, in spite of her face here...)

Anne's boyfriend, Ben, complete with Santa hat, sits next to Anne, complete with reindeer antlers, as they enjoy our Christmas Day gift exchange.

Dan, complete with Santa hat, stands next to our Christmas tree on Christmas day, 2017.

One of Gaye's presents was the professional frame job on this painting of Anne's (which Anne had already given her a year or two ago).

As a reminder, here's the original photo of Dan's that Anne used as the model for her painting! (Sunset, Warner Robins, March 2014)

Then, the day after Christmas, we drove (with Allen, this time) to Washington DC! Here, Dan's Dad is getting himself ready for our "post-Christmas" gift exchange.

Dan's Mom opening a "post-Christmas" gift, Washington DC, December 2017

Allen and Gaye enjoying "post-Christmas" gift exchange.

Dan's brother Robin and Karen came back to join us for the "post-Christmas" gift exchange.

Dad looks at a new pair of slippers he's just received.

Dan opening a present, Washington DC, December 2017 (photo © 2017 gaye bullock).

All four of us went for a walk in the brisk air, Washington DC, December 2017 – Karen and Robin, and Dan and Gaye (who is behind the camera) (photo © 2017 gaye bullock).

Here we've climbed the hill at Fort Bayard Park, on the edge of Northwest Washington.

The whole family gathers for a traditional "post-Christmas" dinner...
(Karen & Robin, Mom, Allen, and Gaye)

...the whole family, including Dad! (Washington DC, December 2017)

We had a chance to spend a morning (over breakfast) with Allen and his friend David, at a little local place called Dos Gringos, in Washington DC, December 2017.

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