Family Photos - Late November-January 2015

Winter 2016 Update

Our "new" car parked behind the lake house where Dan and Gaye spent a large portion of November 2015 (thanks, Cathy and Roger!).

The interior of the lake house.

Gaye and Dan cooking dinner at the lake house.

Gaye and Dan enjoying smoothies at the dock at the lake house.

Gaye preparing breakfast at the lake house.

We visited Jenny (an old friend of Anne's), who was staying with her husband Colt and son CJ at a lake house on the same lake! They were only about 10 minutes away! Gaye got to play with CJ, and we invited them to Thanksgiving dinner!

Dan's brother Robin came to visit for Thanksgiving, too (from Black Mountain, North Carolina). Here he's greeted by the neighbor's dog, Sadie.

Robin enjoying some relaced time on the dock at the lake house.

Thanksgiving dinner at the lake house: Ben and Anne, Allen, and Jenny and her baby CJ.

Group photo of everyone at Thanksgiving dinner: Colt, Jenny, Anne, Ben, Gaye with CJ, and Dan, with Allen in front.

Of course, we went to Robin's Christmas concert with Steve Baughman in December 2015. This year it was at Wesleyan College in Macon, at the Pierce Chapel (a lovely venue, especially with all the poinsettias).

Robin, holding his cittern, talks to the audience between songs.

Gaye and Anne wrapping Christmas presents, December 2015

Our kitty baby, Stryper, has recently decided she likes to drink water from a slightly running faucet!

Our family self-portrait for Christmas, in front of the tree. (Including Stryper, who is in Allen's hands...)

When we visited Gaye's mom and sister over the Christmas holidays, Gaye and her sister Pete worked on a traditional Christmas jigsaw puzzle.

Gaye's mom Beverly and Gaye enjoying lunch at Dorothy Lane Market.

Beverly posing with Santa at Esther Price Chocolates.

Gaye with her brother Leigh (and his dog, Piper).

We got to see Robin again in December and January when we visited Dan's parents in Washington DC. (photo © Gaye Bullock)

Gaye shot this nice portrait of the two brothers looking off into the distance... (photo © Gaye Bullock)

Dan's dad, at home in Washington DC, enjoying time in front of the fireplace.

Dan's mom working on HER traditional Christmas jigsaw puzzle!

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