Family Photos - Pre-Christmas 2014 through Winter 2015
activities at home

Winter 2014 Update

In December 2014, we went to Robin's and Steve Baughman's annual Christmas concert in Macon...but first (as always) we and our friends went to eat Chinese for dinner, at the Mandarin restaurant.

Robin talking to the audience just before playing a solo number.

Gaye took this photo of Allen and his friend Chris playing pool (in dim light with her iPhone). (photo by Gaye)

Gaye took a quick picture of Anne dressed for her first job interview in December. It must have been good enough...she got hired (at McDonalds)!

A panorama shot of Dan, Anne, and Allen playing Scrabble on Christmas Day! (photo by Gaye)

While visiting Gaye's side of the family after Christmas, Dan and Gaye visited the Dayton Calvary Chapel...and HAD to take a photo to commemorate it, dontcha know?!

Gaye and her mom Beverly enjoy the gift exchange in Yellow Springs, Ohio, in December 2014

Since Anne couldn't be there, we included her in the festivities via a video-calling program that's on Gaye's iPad (and Anne's). Here Gaye is showing Anne a jigsaw puzzle in work...

Gaye took a picture of the Bullock clan working on buying Dad Bullock a used Toyota Corolla. Mom looks a little bit bored; Dad looks amused; and Dan is studying Robin, as Robin talks to the insurance company. (A side note: Gaye REALLY likes this photo of Dan!)

New Year's Eve, at Dan's parents' house: Mom Bullock is getting ready to make her move in a game of Scrabble (using our super-giant sized board!).

Dan's Mom & Dad wanted a portrait taken of here it is!

On the way home from Washington DC, we stopped for a short visit with Gaye's Uncle Bill, who is obviously VERY happy to see Gaye!

Allen and Anne relaxing in the living room, as we enjoy our "Post-Christmas celebration."

Stryper got a new cat platform/scratching post for Christmas, and we decorated it with Christmas lights!

Gaye and Dan went to see Anne in January in Columbus, Georgia, and we stopped at a restaurant while we waited for Anne...and a nice photographer offered to take our picture with Dan's camera!

Gaye is playing guitar with our Moose Club's Pickers' Circle group! (That's Art, again, on the left.) This was ON our anniversary in February...Gaye brought cake that night, to celebrate our anniversary, Dan's birthday, Linda's birthday, AND Jeff and Christy's anniversary – all the same day!

Later in February we went to visit Helen, Georgia for a weekend. It's in North Georgia...and we had snow. It didn't scare Dan & Gaye away from going hiking (and geocaching)!

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