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Christmas 2013 - New Year 2014

Summer 2014 Update

After we arrived in Washington, DC, the kids spent the early part of Christmas Eve making little cookie treats for them (Anne and Allen) to give to our extended family members! That's Anne's hand squeezing some icing...

...and here's the end result! They took the forms of reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees, and Santas.

Then, Christmas morning, we did the Bullock family-of-origin tradition of opening our stockings first. Here the rest of Dan's family open their stockings.

Then, later, everyone sits in the living room while Santa's designated representative (Dan, this time) distributes the presents from under the tree. Here, Dan's brother Robin looks at a book Dan & Gaye got him: The Complete Irish Pub Cookbook.

Gye decorated herself all festively during the Christmas morning proceedings!

Later on Christmas Day, Granddaddy and Allen enjoy just sitting lazily by the fireplace.

A couple of video frames, showing Allen and Anne enjoying a game of Battleship together at Grandmommy and Granddaddy Bullock's house.

Then, as we were leaving town a few days after Christmas we visited Dan's old friend Paul (on the left), who lives near Washington. Paul, who is also a former Air Force engineer, played guitar with Dan playing bass in a classic rock & roll band, many years ago!

Then, in the Dayton, OH, area, we went with Gaye's mom (left) and sister Pete (center) to the La Comedia dinner theatre! (This shot taken before the show.)

An existing-darkness shot (at 1/5 of a second) showing our whole group as we finish dinner at La Comedia. Left to right, around the arc: Carol, Gaye, Allen, Anne, Gaye's mom Beverly, and Pete.

A major activity during our time at Beverly's place was jigsaw puzzles! Here Beverly watches Anne point to a piece.

On New Year's Eve, Gaye posed with her brother Leigh's (and wife Miki's) doggie Vaudeville.

Pete and Gaye celebrate ringing in the New Year! Happy 2014!

New Year's Day, much progress was made on the jigsaw puzzle. Leigh and Carol are at the table, and Allen is standing watching.

Yay! It's done!

One of Beverly's holiday traditions is a big New Year's Day party, including gift exchange. Here Leigh and Miki look at the cookie treat gifts the kids made for them.

And Beverly unwraps hers!

Carol and Pete unwrap some presents.

Anne and Allen enjoy presents.

And then, the next day, when we got up to pack the car and leave for Georgia, THIS is what we saw! It snowed on us that day until about the time we crossed from Kentucky into Tennessee.

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