Family Photos - December Trip to Washington DC

Spring 2013 Update

We went to visit Dan's parents after Christmas...and on a morning walk to a local Starbucks, Gaye took this photo of Anne finding some snow to play with!

We exchanged gifts (on the 27th!), Dan's Dad & Mom open a big box from our family...

...that had this little homemade Christmas tree, that Gaye is showing off! We had fun making it, too!

Gaye shot a photo of Dan receiving a present from Mom & Dad (cashew bark - yummy!)

And, Allen and Anne are appreciative of their presents!

Anne, Gaye, and Dad Bullock all have Kindle e-book readers, and here they are discussing how to use we call them the Kindle Buddies!

While in DC, Dan and Gaye went out to take sunrise photos. Gaye got this picture of Dan in action.

And this one, too.

This is what Dan saw, which made it worth showing up in the cold!

Dad and Mom Bullock having a good time as we all enjoy an evening at a restaurant.

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