Mission Trip to Mexico!
Casa Estrella, Rosarito, Mexico, August 2012

The orphanage we visited has a web site! www.casaestrellafoundation.org

Here's our whole team, from Calvary Chapel Heartland, at the San Diego Airport, courtesy of the magic of Photoshop (Dan took one photo, Gaye took a second, and Dan merged them on the computer!) From the left, it's Dan, Lila, Pastor Daniel, Faith, Julia, Dawn, and Gaye.

A look at our last moment in the U.S. for the next 6 days.

Even though we went to help at an orphanage, most of our time was spent at the associated school the orphanage was preparing for the upcoming school year. Here our host, Fay (black shirt) tells us what we'll be doing that day.

Here, Joe Valenzuela talks to us about his vision for the school. He's the director of the orphanage, but because of the way it's run, he prefers to be known as "Papa." He and his wife live in the building as foster parents, with a maximum of 20 girls allowed, so they really are a family! Filipe Emily Fernanda Yolanda Tino

From the left, Faith, Fernanda, Gaye, and Dawn laugh together in the orphanage, over a card game Fernanda had them playing.

In the evenings we came here, to the local Rosarito base of Youth With A Mission (like it says on the sign!), or "YWAM." They fed us breakfast and dinner each day, and we slept in very nice dorm rooms.

Our first night at the YWAM base, Fay's husband, Felipe (center), led the singing for a worship service.

Here Dan (tan cap) helps hand a sheet of plywood up to the roof of the new building on the school grounds, to become part of the second floor. (Photo by Gaye)

Felipe talks to our team about work to be done at the school.

Faith and Gaye help paint a section of wall paneling.

Gaye, at the orphanage, helps Yolanda (a staff member) with sewing school uniforms for the girls.

Lunch at the orphanage! On left: Dawn (just barely visible), Julia, and Lila. Felipe's brother is at the end of the table. On the right side: Tino (another YWAM volunteer), Felipe, Pastor Daniel, and Faith.

Pastor Daniel, Faith, and Gaye relaxing at the end of the day back at the YWAM base.

Felipe and his brother laying the second floor on the new building.

Faith, Daniel, and Lila walking up the hill from the school to the orphanage for lunch.

At the orphanage, Gaye plays guitar for some of the girls.

We all attended a midweek, bilingual worship service at Calvary Chapel Rosarito...this photo is their worship music team leading the singing. (The words are the chorus of the song Breathe: "And I, I'm desperate for You; and I, I'm lost without You")

Daniel and Dan assembling a door frame for the new building. (Photo by Gaye)

Gaye shows Fay and Felipe something on her iPhone.

Fay took us out to lunch in Rosarito one day to her favorite taco stand (Tacos Manuel), and Gaye shows off her lunch!

Faith and Lila (on the left) pose with the girls who live at the orphanage. (Photo by Gaye)

Our last day of work at the school: Pastor Daniel, Tino, and Felipe discussing the next step in framing the walls for the second floor of the new building.

Our last afternoon, we went to Rosarito Beach!

Dan and Gaye didn't swim, but we got our feet wet in the Pacific Ocean.

Our group (Julia, Dawn, Fay, Faith, Daniel, and Lila) trudging up the beach.

At the YWAM base, they had an outdoor chapel area, with this cross, from which you can see some of the town of Rosarito and the Pacific Ocean...a good reminder of why we went there!

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