Family Photos - Mid-Year (i.e., June through October) 2017

Winter 2018 Update

Finally back home again, we celebrated Allen's 22nd birthday at home (with a large chocolate chip cookie cake, which is in the pizza box!), June 2017.

In July 2017, we went again to Washington DC to see and help with Dan's Dad who was recovering from colon cancer surgery. Here he is in his room at Knollwood Health Services, with Dan's Mom.

After spending several days in Washington, DC, we stopped by Gaye's side of the family. Here, Gaye relaxes with her Mom and Addy cat, July 2017.

This is a selfie shot at an outdoor jazz concert in Macon, Georgia, in July 2017. (We're wearing our "jazz hats" of course!)

Another selfie from the same concert, with our friends Jane and Roy.

Dan & Gaye had a "staycation," where we did vacation-y kinds of things at home, without going anywhere! Here's Gaye at a backyard picnic, in July 2017.

And here's Dan at our "staycation" backyard picnic.

Gaye went to the Macon Maker's Space, and had them print an object (that she designed!) on their 3-D printer, which she's showing off in this photo, August 2017.

Here's the part that Gaye had 3-D printed. It's a duplicate of one that her Dad would carry; From one direction it's a perfect circle; from another direction it's a perfect square; and from the third direction it's a perfect triangle!

A nice portrait of Allen, August 2017.

A nice portrait of our cat, Stryper, August 2017.

And, a nice portrait of Anne's cat, Ju-Ju, in Macon, Georgia, August 2017.

Allen, at the Mandarin Restaurant in Macon, Georgia, August 2017.

Anne, at the Mandarin Restaurant in Macon, Georgia, August 2017.

Also in August 2017, the total solar eclipse came through! Well, it didn't quite reach totality where we were in Warner Robins – but it got this close...

In September 2017, we took the opportunity to see Dan's brother Robin in concert with Sue, an award-winning Irish harpist, at the home of his agent and promoter, Joe Cullison of Acoustic Productions.

We rented a pontoon boat for a couple of hours in October 2017 in Lake Blackshear (near Cordele, Georgia)! Dan's driving (in the red hat), and Allen's enjoying riding in the front. (We took Allen's friend Chris with us, too...) (photo © 2017 gaye bullock)

A closeup of Gaye on the pontoon boat, playing her guitar.

Gaye dressed up in a wig (and sunglasses) for "Wigged Out Thursday" at our "other" church, Southside Baptist, ahead of Hallowe'en, in October 2017.

On our way back north to visit relatives in October 2017, we stopped in Augusta, Georgia, for a medical appointment for Dan, and we spent the night with our friends Lorie (shown here with Gaye) and Mike.

On our way into Washington, DC in October 2017, we stopped at a rest area in Northern Virginia that has this sign...explained by the little part inside the "O"...Virginia's motto is "Virginia is for Lovers!"

Here's our young friend David, whom we met for coffee at his workplace, Peet's Coffee.

A bumblebee whose portrait Gaye asked me to shoot, Washington DC, October 2017.

Dan's Dad is working on some of his vocal exercises, with Mom's encouragement, Washington DC, October 2017.

Dan and his Mom, Betty, Washington DC, October 2017. (photo © 2017 gaye bullock)

Dan's brother Robin and Dan relax on the couch, Washington DC, October 2017. (photo © 2017 gaye bullock)

Robbin playing his guitar, serenading the whole family.

Dad walking up the block for exercise, under the watchful eye of one of his caregivers, Washington DC, October 2017.

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