Family Photos - Mid-Year 2016

Summer 2017 Update

Gaye and Dan posing outside the Springer Opera House in Columbus, Georgia in May 2016, where we went to a performance of the Who's "rock opera" Tommy!

Gaye and Dan, all dressed up to do some ballroom dancing!

Gaye, posing in May 2016, is ready for an interview in her new professional clothes (anybody need a mechanical drafter/designer?)

Stryper is just being adorable (or glaring at the or the other...)

We celebrated Allen's 21st birthday in June, 2016, at his favorite restaurant, Sen...Anne and her boyfriend Ben were there, too.

Gaye and Allen at Zen.

After dinner at Zen, we went home and enjoyed some of Allen's traditional chocolate chip cookie cake!

The interior of the little cabin we had to ourselves during our "silent" retreat at Green Bough.

Gaye talking with our good friends Bruce and Jennifer Bender at their boy's birthday party.

Dan, hiking through the woods with his walking stick, in July 2016.

In August 2016 we were in Ohio to celebrate Gaye's Mom's 80th birthday with her! In this photo are Gaye, Petey (standing), Carol, Miki, and Leigh, at the Golden Lamb Restaurant, in Lebanon, Ohio.

This is Gaye's mom, Beverly, enjoying the festivities.

Before we went to the restaurant, though, we wandered through a street fair there in Lebanon , Ohio, and Dan tried on a hat...Gaye liked it on him enough to take a photo! (photo © Gaye Bullock)

In October, we went to the Robins AFB airshow; they had a P-40 Warhawk...

...a MiG-17F Fresco...

...and, of course, the Air Force Thunderbirds!

Here the Thunderbirds perform their famous show-ending Delta Vertical Break.

U.S. Air Force Photo
(Noting the similarity between that Thunderbirds maneuver and the shape of the U.S. Air Force memorial just outside Washington, DC, is left as an exercise for the reader!

A little later in October, we went back to Ohio, this time for Gaye's 40th year Oakwood High School class reunion. Here, Gaye's preparing gifties for some of her close friends...

They were custom coffee mugs, that had the words of an old Brownies (Girl Scouts) song on them:"Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."

In this photo are the group of Gaye's friends that met before the real reunion, at Marion's Pizza: Joanie, Mary, and Gaye.

After we attended the football game, Gaye took Dan to see "The Rock," which had just been painted by the Class of '76 for their reunion!

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