Family Photos - Fall 2014

Winter 2015 Update

A photo, by Gaye, of Dan playing his new electric bass with the Moose Lodge Pickers' Circle. (That's our friend Art on the guitar.)

Dan and Gaye at the Air Force Birthday Ball at Robins Air Force Base (actually at the Museum of Aviation). (Photo by our friend Natasha Franklin)

And a shot by Dan of his lovely bride Gaye at the Air Force Ball!

Our cat Stryper is obviously waiting for something, since she's standing in the "Pending" box!

Anne and Allen are enjoying being together at home during a break from Anne's college, in October 2014.

Dan with Allen and Anne, on pizza night! (Photo by Gaye)

When we visited Dan's brother Robin in Black Mountain, North Carolina, he took us to a dulcimer shop. Gaye had fun trying them out. (Robin's standing in the background.)

At a different music store, Robin helped Gaye choose some finger picks.

Dan playing, of all things, an electric bass ukelele! (It's a Kala U-bass.) (Photo by Gaye)

Gaye used her iPhone to capture the two brothers together. (Photo by Gaye)

Well, yes, but that particular day there was way too much mist and fog to see anything.

All of us went to a house concert by Al Petteway and Amy White; terrific view, terrific music!

As we were getting ready to say goodbye to Robin, he gave Anne a dog collar, and they both posed with their respective dog collars on!

In October 2014, we went geocaching again, this time in Little Ocmulgee State Park. Here Gaye poses with one she found...

...and another one she found...

And then we posed this idyllic "walking together hand-in-hand" picture, by Dan putting the camera on the ground, focusing on Gaye, pressing the button for the 12-second self-timer, and running into position!
(Little Ocmulgee State Park)

Robin came to visit us for Thanksgiving – here Allen laughs as Robin reads a Taboo game card.

Gaye putting up with Dan taking a picture of Thanksgiving dinner preparations (Two seconds before this photo, she was sticking her tongue out at Dan!)

The whole gang, ready to eat! Dan, Allen, Robin, Gaye, Anne, and Anne's boyfriend Ben.

Gaye and the kids made adorable turkey desserts!

Then, as part of Thanksgiving weekend, we started our Christmas decorating!

Dan enjoying some hot chocolate, in his Santa hat.

Allen and Anne discussing some element of the Christmas decorating.

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