Family Photos - Pre-Christmas 2012
activities at home

Spring 2013 Update

At the annual Georgia National Fair in October 2012, Dan shot this self-portrait of himself and Gaye.

We held a Christmas party for our church home fellowship group at our house, in December 2012. Gaye had a great time playing with Noah!

About a week-and-a-half before Christmas, we finally put up our tree! Here, Anne's boyfriend Jordan helps us decorate the tree.

And, while Jordan watches, Allen puts our traditional angel on the top of the tree. (I remember when he needed a ladder to do that...)

Family portrait in front of the tree! (Photo © 2012 by Jordan)

Anne (on the far left) explains a very silly new game we got (called "Qwelf") to a group of ladies who came for a separate Christmas party.

Anne, Jordan, and Allen build little "coat-hanger" Christmas trees as gifts to our extended family. (In front of Anne is a silver one, Jordan's working on a gold one, and in the center of the table is a green one with red ornaments.)

Annd and Jordan posing while enjoying being warm in front of our decorated fireplace, a couple of days before Christmas.

Allen and Anne (with Jordan) enjoy some hot chocolate.

Gaye (third from left) was in our church's (very small) Christmas choir that helped lead the worship singing on Christmas Eve.

Dan, Allen, and Anne pose with the formal table setting for our Christmas dinner (photo by Gaye)

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