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At Home, Spring–Summer–Fall 2013

Fall 2013

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In May 2013, Allen graduated from high school! So, Dan's mom and dad came for the big occasion, and spent a few days with us. Here's Gaye, Mom Bullock, and Dad Bullock.

And, of course, (old family tradition whenever he visits us) Dan took his dad flying. Here's Dad Bullock riding in the co-pilot seat, enjoying the view somewhere near Macon.

Here's Dan flying the Cessna 172. (photo © Fred Bullock)

And the traditional picture-with-the-airplane! Dad looks happy.

Then, the day of Allen's graduation, we had several of visitors from Gaye's side of the family! Here's Anne next to her (and Allen's) Uncle Leigh.

And Gaye and her mom, Allen's Grammy Craig (with Vaudeville, who is sitting on Leigh's lap).

Allen's Grandmommy Bullock and Leigh's wife, Aunt Miki

Granddaddy Bullock with the happy graduate himself.

Proud parents at the graduation ceremony! Among other things, we're happy to finally be done with homeschooling!

Allen shows off his diploma, with Anne, Dan, and Gaye. (photo © June Romans)

Another picture of a happy graduate with happy parents. (photo © Fred Bullock)

Group picture! Granddaddy Bullock, Anne, Grandmommy Bullock, Jordan, Allen, Grammy Craig, Dan, and Gaye.

After the graduation ceremony, we all went for dinner at Zen Japanese Steakhouse; Allen watches as our chef shows off.

Then, a month later (June 2013), we were back at Zen, celebrating Allen's 18th birthday!

Allen waits patiently as Anne cuts his chocolate-chip cookie birthday "cake."

In September, we got to see Dan's brother Robin at a house concert in Macon, Georgia. Here he talking between songs, introducing a tune on his cittern.

Robin playing his guitar. (You can tell we got to sit really close...)

A pretend "backstage" photo! Actually, Dan took a picture of the reflection in the glass door behind Robin, then flipped the image (so that Robin is still playing right-handed). Dan is holding the camera on his knee...

Anne (in back) with her three Middle Georgia State College roommates in their dorm suite's common kitchen area. (photo © Gaye Bullock)

In October 2013, Dan and Gaye went to see Spyro Gyra live in concert, in Macon! We've loved their music since before we were married!! So, here they are.

More Spyro Gyra. If you like upbeat, contemporary jazz, give them a listen!

We got vinyl siding on our whole house in October - here's what the back yard and patio looked like during the process.

We also got a new range! (The old one had died.) This is our first experience with a glass range top, and Gaye likes it!

In November 2013, we hosted a Reunion Jam (our name for events where we get together with old friends who used to be part of our worship music team at church). Here's Gaye, playing guitar and singing...

...and Dan playing his bass guitar. (Photo by Gaye)

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