Miscellaneous Family Photos
Fall 2012

Dan & Gaye took a self-portrait in a restaurant while staying at a very nice hotel in Atlanta (for a late anniversary/early-Gaye's-birthday celebration).

Allen got to play paintball with some friends in May 2012.

On our way to celebrate Allen's birthday at the Wild Adventures theme park, we stopped for gas near a giant cow! (Photo by Anne)

While the kids rode the rides at Wild Adventures, Dan and Gaye went to see the various animals. This bird liked Dan's cap (he tried to pluck the little button off the top!) (Photo by Gaye)

Gaye and Anne get ready to ride a ride together!

Allen (with arm outstretched) rides a ride with several friends. (Yes, he knew the folks he was reaching for!)

In mid-July our whole family went to see Dan's brother Robin in a house concert in Macon!

And then, in late July, we went to Asheville, NC to see Uncle Robin again at the Swannanoa Gathering, between weeks that he was teaching there. Here Anne and Robin are getting ready to do some square dancing!

After square dancing there were late-night jam sessions...Robin (on the right, in this long time-exposure) is playing his mandolin.

Later that night, back at the hotel, Dan reviews the day's photographs on his digital camera. (Photo by Gaye)

In August, at a church marriage retreat, Dan and Gaye went biking! (Photo by Gaye)

From left, there's Anne's boyfriend Jordan, Chris and Alex Jossart (friends of Allen's), and Allen. We're resting for a moment while touring Georgia Tech (in September 2012) as a possible college for any or all of these four.

Is this where they keep the research at Georgia Tech? The guys are going in to find out.

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