Family Photos - Early 2017 (i.e., through May 2017 visits to various relatives)

Winter 2018 Update

Gaye tries on a hat at the Batsakes hat shop in Cincinnati, Ohio, on our way home from Dayton, Ohio, January 2017 (she and Dan ended up buying a matched set of fedoras, which you'll see a little further down this page...).

We had a short, impromptu visit with Janet, one of Gaye's long-time friends, who lives in Cincinnati.

This is part of our documentation of some flooding in our little house in the back yard. We pulled out everything, but were able to successfully dry it all out and got it all put back together (after several days of hard work).

Dan and Gaye (yes, that IS Gaye!) all dressed up and in character for their roles in a large murder mystery dinner, thrown by our good friends Bruce and Jennifer in January 2017.

We're posing for a selfie just before a jazz concert at the (sadly, now defunct) Wellston Station coffeehouse in Warner Robins, April 2017. We sure like our new fedoras – we've started calling them our "jazz hats!" (We also feel like the Blues Brothers – O.K., maybe a Blues Brother and Sister?? – with our dark sunglasses...)

"Jazz hats" again; same concert, but a photo inside the venue.

In May 2017, we went to Columbus, Georgia to celebrate Anne's 24th birthday with her..

In May of 2017 we went visiting a bunch of relatives, starting with Gaye's Uncle Gary and Aunt Shirley in Winnabow, North Carolina. This photo is a composite of two images, done in Photoshop, of Uncle Gary, Aunt Shirley, Gaye's cousin Kerry, Gaye, and Dan.

Gaye, out on the town in Wilmington, North Carolina, May 2017.

Dan, with Aunt Shirley and Uncle Gary, on a pier in Wilmington, North Carolina, May 2017. (Photo © 2017 gaye bullock)

Uncle Gary's little dog,

Gaye and her cousin Deena, laughing uproariously about something on Deena's phone, Winnabow, North Carolina, May 2017.

While Aunt Shirley watches, Gaye shows something to Uncle Gary.

At Gaye's Mom's house in Yellow Springs, Ohio, Gaye caught a shot of Dan at work taking photos, May 2017. (Photo © 2017 gaye bullock)

Gaye's Mom Beverly and Gaye talk in the morning in front of the house, Yellow Springs, Ohio, May 2017.

Gaye enjoys a hammock in the front yard.

A portrait of Dan (with his beard!) by Gaye, Yellow Springs, Ohio, May 2017. (Photo © 2017 gaye bullock)

Gaye and her Mom, Beverly, posing.

Gaye playing her guitar in the backyard at her Mom's, Yellow Springs, Ohio, May 2017.

Gaye shows her Mom something on her cell phone.

After visiting Ohio, we spent a couple of days in Black Mountain, North Carolina, with Dan's brother, Robin (who's under the wolf mask in this photo!).

Gaye with Robin, in a fun little coffeehouse in Asheville, North Carolina, May 2017

Dan and Robin, in a courtyard in downtown Asheville, North Carolina, May 2017. (Photo © 2017 gaye bullock)

Gaye talking with Robin in his apartment (which he affectionately calls the "Wolf Cave!").

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