Family Photos - Early 2016

Summer 2017 Update

Gaye and Dan took a "selfie," in February 2016.

Gaye and Dan took another "selfie"...this one in our kitchen in March 2016.

Allen, immediately after getting his hair cut at the end of March 2016 (so that he could look professional for seeking a job).

Gaye playing a song on her baritone ukulele for her uncle Bill during a visit to West Columbia, South Carolina, in April 2016.

Another Dan and Gaye selfie, just outside Uncle Bill's place in West Columbia, South Carolina.

Gaye, Uncle Bill, and Dan thought something was pretty funny!


After visiting with Uncle Bill, we went to Washington, D.C., to see Dan's parents. Here's Gaye in their living room.

While we were in D.C., Dan's brother Robin played a small solo concert at their parents' church!


Gaye, Dan's dad Fred, Dan's brother Robin, and Dan, all "dressed up" to sing barbershop music for Dad's 90th birthday!

Dan's mom & dad posing outside their favorite restaurant (Alfio's La Trattoria, in Chevy Chase, Maryland).

Robin and Dan's mom prepare to serve his dad's birthday cake.

Then, at Gaye's mom's place in Yellow Springs, Ohio, Gaye played guitar and sang old songs with her high school friend Joanie and her sister Petey.

We were able to attend opening day, in April 2016, at Petey and carol's new business: Yellow Dog Pet Supplies!

Gaye watches while Petey shows her some products for sale at Yellow Dog Pet Supplies.

Later the same day, we got to hang out with the rest of Gaye's family at her brother Leigh's house. (Gaye, Leigh, his wife Miki, and Carol.)

Dan pets one of Leigh's doggies while Gaye's mom talks at Leigh's house.

In Huntsville in April 2016, Dan and Gaye got ice cream at the Cozy Cow, and decided to commemorate the moment!

Here we are at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens, in April 2016.

Gaye enjoying the herb garden at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens.

Still in Huntsville in April 2016, this time at dinner at the Melting Pot restaurant.

Still Huntsville: Dan took Gaye to lunch at the Intergraph Corporate headquarters (it was nicer than it sounds...).

On the drive home from Huntsville (in April 2016) we stopped at a Georgia Welcome Center, and they had this guitar on display – and the staff said we could play it! So Dan played it... (photo © Gaye Bullock)

...and then Gaye played it! (If you care, the guitar is a Gretsch, the Jim Dandy model.)

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