Family Photos - Summer 2014

Winter 2015 Update

Anne with her boyfriend Ben, in June 2014.

Allen, in June 2014, enjoying scratching Stryper under the chin (I think she's enjoying it too!).

We celebrated Allen's 19th birthday at the Zen Restaurant (just like the year before). Here he happily opens a present.

Anne is placing a candle on Allen's birthday iced chocolate chip cookie!

In July, Dan and Gaye took a trip to Lake Blackshear, and took this self-portrait!

Also in July, Gaye finished a jigsaw puzzle -- with a picture of Anne on it (when she was much younger...)

In August, Gaye took Dan to Ohio, for a reunion of her old church singles' group. We met first at a are our friends Lynn and Jon.

Gaye and Dan at the pizzeria, with her friend Ann.

Gaye, at the church for the reunion, chatting with some old friends. (It was Fairhaven Christian and Missionary Alliance Church.)

Dan and Gaye also got to go to lunch with our friend Betsy and her friend Roger.

While we were in Ohio, we stayed with Gaye's she's sharing some joke with Gaye, at dinner.

Gaye's brother, Leigh, enjoyed getting a birthday present from us.

Leigh and Gaye (and a dog) looking up something on Gaye's iPhone.

Nearly the whole gang (Gaye's side of the family) at the table: Leigh, Petey, Carol, Miki, and Beverly (photo by Gaye).

Dan at the wheel, as we had a fun afternoon on a pontoon boat on Lake Blackshear in August 2014. (photo © Gaye Bullock)

On the boat with us were Anne and Ben, and Allen and his friend David. (We're eating lunch, here, but we also all swam!)

In August we helped Anne move to Columbus State University. Here she is checking in to her dorm, with Ben.

Here Anne is getting as first glimpse of her room. It's a quad (4 girls), with 2 really large bedrooms. This photo shows their common area -- look at the height of that ceiling!

Dan caught Gaye playing her guitar (and smiling!) during our church's annual marriage retreat at Callaway Gardens, Georgia. (Isn't she cute?)

Then, on the way home from the marriage retreat, we just HAD TO stop for lunch at the Bulloch House Restaurant! (Not a typo...they spell it differently from us...but it's still fun!)

At the end of August, Dan and Gaye enjoyed a picnic dinner at Scout Lake, on Robins Air Force Base, Georgia...and fed the geese!

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