Family Photos - Late (i.e., December) 2016 through New Year's 2017

Winter 2018 Update

Gaye gets her photo taken by her Aunt Linda, just before we go to Anne's Senior Art Show in Dec 2016.

Anne at her Senior Art Show, goofing off with her friends.

Leigh (Gaye's brother) and Gaye discuss an exhibit at the Senior Art Show.

Anne shows off her exhibit to her boyfriend, Ben.

Anne's grandmother Beverly, her Aunt Linda, and Anne enjoy dinner after the Art Show at the 11th and Bay restaurant in Columbus.

Anne has fun opening presents at the hotel in Columbus...

...including a bottle of sparkling wine with real 24-karat gold flakes in it!

Gaye, Dan, Beverly, Leigh, Linda, Ben, and Anne, standing outside the Art Show exhibit hall.
(Look at the third name in the list at the right!)

Our church, decorated for the 2016 Christmas Fellowship, in early December.

Dan & Gaye getting ready to ride the North Pole Express (it's really the SAM Shortline train).

Gaye talking with our friend George, next to our friends Jane and Roy, on the North Pole Express, December 2016.

Christmas Eve 2016 dinner with our friends Jim and Ellie.

Our Nativity scene.

Christmas Day 2016 at home (Allen, Anne, and Ben).

Gaye enjoys Christmas Day 2016 gift exchange, complete with reindeer antlers.

Stryper looks over her new Christmas toys.

Out for a walk in Washington DC, while visiting Dan's parents, December 2016.

Gaye with Dan's brother Robin. Washington DC, December 2016.

Gaye at a music store in Washington DC.

Dan's Dad, Washington DC, December 2016.

Prepared for "Second Christmas" dinner at Dan's parents, Washington DC, December 2016.

Dan's parents enjoying gift exchange

SNOW! Encountered on the road on the way from DC to Ohio, December 2016. (That's all we saw that year...)

Gaye relaxing with her Mom Beverly at her Mom's house, Yellow Springs, Ohio, December 2016.

Beverly's cat, Addy. (The name comes from ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder!)

Beverly's place, all decorated up for Christmas, December 2016

We always seem to stop and buy a lot of food and have lunch at Dorothy Lane Market in Oakwood, Ohio.

Gaye at her sister Petey's business, Yellow Dog Pet Supply (she's shopping for a present for Stryper...).

Gaye's brother Leigh.

The fireplace, all decorated for Christmas, December 2016

Leigh's wife Miki, Beverly, and Leigh prepare a meal together.

The 3 siblings – Gaye, Leigh, and Petey – on New Year's Eve, 2016.

Our friend Betsy with Gaye on New Year's Day, 2017.

Betsy's son Patrick shows off some of his soccer moves, New Year's Day 2017.

Patrick is on his school's soccer team.

Betsy's boyfriend Richard, Betsy, Gaye, and Dan at Betsy's place, New Year's Day 2017.

We took some time on this trip to Ohio to visit old haunts – this is the "Shepherdess" house (we remember them the by the street names) and it's the first house that Dan and Gaye owned together! (So, of course we took a selfie!) January 2017

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