Photos of our family target shooting
adventures in Late 2017 through 2018

NOTE: Newer items are on top; targets are at the bottom.

Updated Fall 2018

Dan's friend Paul shoots a rented Sig P320 9mm pistol, September 2018

Dan shoots the rented Sig P320 9mm pistol, September 2018 (photo © Paul Rice)

Dan shoots Paul's .22 caliber Henry rifle.

After we shot, Dan posed with Paul's 2 rifles: the .22 caliber Henry rifle, and an original WW2 M1 Carbine (in .30 Carbine caliber).

In July 2018, Dan took a new friend, Michael, out shooting, with his son Ryan. In this photo, Michael is shooting Dan's Ruger .22 caliber target pistol

Here, Dan shoots his Ruger GP-100 (.357 Magnum caliber)

Dan assists Ryan in shooting his Hi-Point 9mm carbine.

Michael shoots the Point 9mm carbine -- this photo captures an instant after shor...the muzzle is rising from recoil, and you can see the ejected shell casing still falling.

Dan went with some folks from church to the Macon County Gun Club to practice skills we learned at Front Sight &bdash; here Keeshia shoots her pistol while Greg watches, November 2017

Also at the Macon County Gun Club, Charlie performs a shooting drill with his M1911 pistol, November 2017


Dan's performance with a rented Sig P320 9mm pistol, September 2018

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