Photos of our family target shooting adventures in 2013

NOTE: Newer items are on top; targets are at the bottom.

In November, for our last shooting outing of 2013, we went to the range with Dan's office (again). Here, Dan enjoys shooting a Ruger Vaquero .357 Magnum.

And here (same event as above), Gaye tries out a Mossberg 12-gauge pump-action shotgun.

In October 2013, we went to the range with Gaye's friend Susan. Here Gaye watches as Susan (bravely) shoots Dan's Mosin Nagant rifle.

At the same outing, Gaye took this photo of Dan having fun with his .45 caliber Hi-Point JHP pistol. (Always wear your eye and ear protection!)

Allen went with Dad to the range in October 2013...and he really enjoys the Mosin Nagant!

Here Dan shoots the Mosin Nagant from a standing position, in August 2013.

This photo is of our friend Jane, shooting her brand new Smith & Wesson Model 638 double-action revolver (.38 Special caliber), in July 2013 at Eagle Gun Range. It was a very badly underexposed photo, and Dan fixed it as best he could, but it got really grainy...and it turns out better in black & white!

Gaye enjoying shooting a single-action revolver belonging to one of Dan's co-workers, at an office shooting event at the local outdoor range in June 2013.

She also shot the same co-worker's semi-automatic AK-47 rifle! (She's such a good sport...)

Gaye is shooting our Ruger .22 caliber at a Speed Steel competition in April 2013.

Dan (at the same Speed Steel competition in April) with our Ruger GP100 revolver -- shooting mostly his own reloaded ammunition! (Dan won in the centerfire revolver category...of course, he was the only centerfire revolver shooter that day...)

Allen takes aim through the new scope on our Mosin Nagant rifle, at the Ocmulgee Range in March 2013. (Always wear your eye and ear protection!)

Allen checks the results of a shot with our new shotgun.

In February 2013, Gaye took a friend of hers, Laurie, to the shooting range (well, and Dan, too!). Here Gaye shoots the Mosin rifle with the new scope.

Laurie taking aim with her Sig Sauer P238.

Dan watches as Laurie tries out his Hi-Point carbine.

Gaye and Dan went to the indoor range (Eagle Gun Range in Macon...a proud supporter of Robin Bullock's concerts every December here) with several of Gaye friends (Laurie, Jane, and Susan T.) Everyone shot each other's guns, but here Gaye is shooting our Ruger GP100 revolver.

While Gaye (on left) watches, her friend Susan T. shoots our .45 caliber Hi-Point JHP (brave girl!)

Gaye came out with Dan on a shooting event held by his office, in March 2013. Here, she shoots a co-worker's Marlin 55 bolt-action 12-gauge shotgun. (It's a "goose" gun, with a very long 36" barrel.)

Dan shoots a co-worker's semi-automatic AK-47 rifle.

Dan was able, in October 2013, to put 6 shots from his .38 caliber Ruger GP100 revolver into (mostly) the same hole, freehand, from a standing position, from 15 feet away.

Not to be outdone, Gaye, in August 2013, also used Dan's GP100 .38 revolver, and kept all 6 shots on the paper, from a standing position...from 75 feet away!

Gaye holds up our Ruger GP100, with which she shot the group of six holes just above the gun from about 25 feet. Wow...good shooting, sweetheart!

Dan got this nice grouping with his Mosin rifle, off a sandbag bench rest, at 50 feet. That's 3 shots in about 3/4 of an inch, which is the same as 4.5 minutes of angle, or 7.5% of a degree of angle!

Dan tested his longer-range capability with his Mosin Nagant rifle with the new scope on's his first try – five shots at 150 feet!

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