Photos of our target shooting adventures as a family, 2012

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Dan's friend Mark shoots Dan's 9mm Hi-Point carbine at the Ocmulgee Wildlife Management Area Range, in November 2012.

A "still life" of Dan's arsenal (most of it), ready to use at the Ocmulgee Range.

Gaye took this photo of Dan shooting his Hi-Point .45 caliber pistol at the Twin Oaks Speed Steel competition in October 2012.

Our friend Jane came out, too, and shot Speed Steel with Dan's .22 caliber Ruger target pistol!

Gaye shooting our friend Steve's .22 caliber Marlin 25 rifle (and looking glamorous doing it!) at Steve's & Susan's house in Sep 2012.

We got some exploding targets at a gun show; when you hit them, there's burst of light and a big cloud of white smoke! This frame, captured from a video that Gaye took, is about a third of a second after Dan fired his pistol.

In another frame capture from Gaye's video, Allen points out the arsenal that we used that day

Sam, a friend of Allen's, shoots Dan's Hi-Point .45 pistol, while Dan gets ready with his carbine. (Always wear your eye and ear protection!)

Gaye shooting Dan's 9mm Hi-Point carbine, at our friends' house in Sep 2012 (thanks, Steve & Susan!)

Allen shooting the Russian Mosin-Nagant rifle. It's a powerful beast, and we use surplus Russian military ammo in ours, which led to an interesting thing happening that day...'s our heavy-duty steel spinning target, with evidence of having been hit a few times with handgun bullets, up to and including .45 caliber, with no more damage than to chip off the paint...

...until Dan hit it with the Mosin-Nagant! See the hole on the left side? That old Russian bullet (copper-jacketed steel-core lead, 7.62mm dia.) just drilled right through about half an inch of steel plate!

In July 2012, we visited with Dan's brother Robin in Asheville, NC. Here he shoots Dan's carbine...

...with which he shot VERY well! Here's his first ever target with such a weapon - 10 shots within about 2 1/2 inches at 35 feet!

Here Robin prepares to shoot the old WWII .38 Short Colt revolver we got from our father. It wasn't working very well that day...but we got it to fire once for Robin, so now we can say that he and Dan both got to shoot it!

On Father's Day 2012, Dan's friend (also named Dan) shoots our Mosin Nagant rifle.

Anne shooting the old WWII .38 Short Colt revolver in May 2012.

An excellent view of our Mosin-Nagant rifle (well, and of Allen too) in May 2012

Dan shooting our Ruger .22 caliber pistol at a Speed Steel competition in April 2012. The point isn't absolute accuracy - you try to just hit a series of steel plates, as quickly as possible. Gaye likes doing it, too! (photo by Gaye)

Allen tries to hit the target with the old WWII .38 Short Colt revolver we got from Dan's father. So far, even though it's fun to shoot, it's very inaccurate and unpredictable... (photo by Gaye)

Dan shoots the 7.62mm 1943 Mosin Nagant rifle, while Allen shoots the 9mm Hi-Point carbine. (photo by Gaye)

Gaye was a good sport about trying out the old revolver. It seems to have about the heaviest trigger pull in the world - Gaye couldn't even fire it in double action, but did fine when it was cocked first, in single action.

However, Gaye actually likes our 9mm carbine (shown in it's new stock, which we all like)..

Allen, who likes lots of recoil, has a great time with the Mosin Nagant. It's not truly painful, per se...but Dan wouldn't want to shoot anything that kicks any more than it does!

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