Photos of our target shooting adventures as a family, 2011

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Ladies' Day at the range! (Not officially, but Dan took Anne, Gaye, and a couple of their friends to the outdoor range in December 2011)

Here Gaye shoots Jane's pink Taurus 738 TCP.

Anne shoots Dad's Ruger .22 target pistol. (Always wear your eye and ear protection!)

Jenny, our two-month house guest, tries out the pink Taurus.

Gaye shooting Dan's Hi-Point 9mm carbine.

Dan about to shoot his carbine from a bench rest...

...with this result! The larger holes are from the carbine, at a range of 150 feet! It;s about a 3.5 inch group, which computes to about a tenth of a degree, or six minutes of angle!

Allen and his buddy David shooting Dan's guns, at our friends' backyard range.

Anne shoots while Gaye watches.

Gaye enjoys shooting Dan's carbine!

And Dan enjoys shooting Dan's carbine!

In September 2011, Gaye and Dan competed at a Speed Steel event, where the score is based on how fast you hit several targets (not just absolute accuracy). Here's Gaye shooting – she did very well (actually beating Dan in a couple of the stages!).

This is Dan running the timer for another contestant. We compete with the Middle Georgia Gun Owners Association.

Also in September, we went to the Eagle Gun Range, an indoor range in Macon. Gaye wanted to shoot the biggest gun they rented – this one – a Ruger .44 Magnum!

So, she tried it out...

And she really enjoyed it! (Always wear your eye and ear protection!)

Dan also shot the big Ruger, at a range of 50 feet, as shown in this photo...

And got these results!

Allen preparing to shoot Dan's 9mm Hi-Point carbine, at our local outdoor range in July 2011. (Always wear your eye and ear protection!)

Dan took Gaye and her friend Jane out to shoot together in June 2011, to the outdoor range at the Ocmulgee Wildlife Management Area. Here Gaye is shooting Dan's Ruger .22 caliber pistol, while Jane watches.

Gaye took this photo of Dan shooting his 9mm carbine. Gaye and Jane got to shoot it, too. In fact...

...this is Gaye's target after 10 shots through the .22 pistol, and 10 shots through the 9mm carbine. The small distinct holes are .22...the one big ragged hole in the middle is from the 9mm! This is from 21 feet...and that green ring is only 2 inches across! (Dan says, "Good shooting, sweetheart!")

Gaye enjoying (I guess) shooting Jane's Mossberg 590 12-gauge shotgun. Dan shot it, those things kick! (Always wear your eye and ear protection!)

Jane taking a shot with her Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun. She shared this one, too...a very nice gun! (Thanks, Jane!)

In May 2011, Allen and Dan went shooting with a bunch of friends at Steve's place out in the country (another "shooting party"). Here Allen tries out Larry's 7mm rifle. (Always wear your eye and ear protection!)

When Dan's parents came to visit for Anne's graduation, the men (Dan, Fred, and Allen) went out for some "lead therapy" at the Ocmulgee range. Here Dad (Fred) shoots Dan's 9mm carbine.

Allen also took a turn with the carbine, in this photo by Dan's dad (photo © 2011 Fred Bullock)

Dan shooting his .22 Ruger pistol (photo © 2011 Fred Bullock)

And Dad again, this time shooting Dan's Ruger pistol.

Allen and his friend David shooting Dan's guns at our friend Steve's place, in March 2011. (Hey, have I ever mentioned?...Always wear your eye and ear protection!)

Dan's results with his 9mm Hi-Point carbine, from 35 feet, standing. It's a very accurate gun!

In mid-February, Dan went to the range to try out his new birthday present - his Hi-Point 995 9mm carbine.

At the end of January, Dan served as acting Scoutmaster for a Troop 220 camping trip, and we did some shooting with the Scouts. Here, Dan shoots a 20-gauge Remington 870 shotgun.

In January, Dan took Anne to the local indoor range, where we rented a Ruger .38 caliber revolver. She had a great time with it, and shot very well.

Here she's shooting Dan's .22 Ruger target pistol. Beware of pretty girls with guns...this one, at least, is a good shot!

On New Year's Day 2011, when our family was in Ohio to visit Gaye's side of the family, Gaye's brother Leigh brought his guns and shared with us, at an impromptu range in the back yard of the house where Gaye's mom & sister live. Here, Leigh and Dan watch while Allen shoots Leigh's .38 caliber derringer (with which none of us could hit the targets...)

Leigh and Allen watch, as Dan takes a turn with Leigh's .38 caliber Colt Cobra revolver. All of these backyard shooting photos, by the way, are captured frames from our video camera, that Gaye was using. (Thanks, Gaye!)

Leigh shooting his Colt Cobra.

Allen shooting Uncle Leigh's 9mm Glock 17

Dan takes a turn with the Glock 17. (Remember, always wear your eye and ear protection!)

Even Gaye got to enjoy some shooting! Here she takes aim with Leigh's Glock. (Can you tell it was a very cold day?)

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