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Gaye's Photo Gallery

- Updated Fall 2018 -

photography by gaye bullock

(Newest items are at the top.)

Gaye shot this lovely sunset over Lake Blackshear in July 2018

The view from a small airplane, February 2018

Gaye shot this aerial photo of her workplace at the time, Southern Perfection Fabrication, February 2018

An aerial photo of a lake in the sunshine, Middle Georgia, February 2018

Gaye designed these raacks in SolidWorks software, and then her company built them! Byron, Georgia, March 2018

An airplane at Macon airport, July 2018

Here we have some examples of Gaye's artistry from 2013,
and two from more recently (2017)

Gaye's guitar and a wooden pick, June 2013

Flowers, July 2013

Sunrise, Callaway Gardens, Georgia, August 2013

Sunset, probably from I-75, Georgia, April 2017

Snow and trees, Yellow Springs, Ohio, December 2017

Some gorgeous flowers, Huntsville, Alabama, April 2016

A photo of our lovely daughter working at McDonald's, June 2016

View from the Green Bough retreat center, Adrian, Georgia, July 2016

A cute dog waiting for his owner at the Dorothy Lane Market dog watering station! Oakwood, Ohio, April 2016

A sunrise in Warner Robins, Georgia, October 2015

A shot of Dan taking pictures at Lake Joy, Georgia, June 2015

Here's a photo Gaye took of Dan shooting a sunset at Little Ocmulgee State Park, Georgia, May 2015

And here's one that Gaye shot of the same sunset! (Good job, sweetheart!)

In this artistic nature photo, Gaye included Dan (lower left) shooting an artistic nature photo! May 2015

Stryper is "helping" Gaye with her computer in April 2015

Here's a VERY pretty one that Gaye shot in December, 2014, in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Gaye took a photo of Dan playing bass guitar for Easter morning outdoor worship service. (Dan's on stage, to the left, with sunglasses...)

So, we took our little pail of "Georgia snowballs" with us to Ohio in December 2013...but you can tell from the windshield that we didn't need them!

Gaye took a nice photo of a Christmas ornament, December 2013

Some pretty purple flowers that Gaye saw, October 2013

A very nice artistic photo by Gaye of a fence and a pond near our house...with ducks. (September 2013)

While Dan was taking photos of the sunrise at Callaway Gardens, Georgia, in August 2013, Gaye was taking pictures, too!

Gaye's shot of the Canadian Falls, from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, July 2013

Tabletop still life, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, August 2013
(Dan thinks Gaye did a great job with it!)

Flower, near Buffalo, New York, August 2013

The mighty Niagara River, a few miles upstream of the Falls, near Buffalo, New York, August 2013

Dan's mom gave us the sets of demitasse cups, and our friend Jane gave us the display case! (Photo in April 2013)

Gaye shot this self-portrait and edited it, right on her iPhone! (Photo in March 2013)

In March 2013, Gaye went to Rincon, Georgia, for a ladies retreat. This is the front porch of her cabin, as the sun was setting. Looks welcoming, doesn't it?

The setting sun shines through the trees, next to the woodpile at the retreat center in Rincon.

Then, the next morning, Gaye and Dan called each other at sunrise and both took photos (a virtual date!) This is what she captured on her iPhone.

Still at the retreat in Rincon, here's the boat dock on their lake.

Gaye saw this green and red juxtaposition while out with Dan to shoot sunrise photos in Washington DC, December 2012

Gaye shot this still life of Dan's corner of the bedroom in September 2012 -- maybe accidentally -- but Dan finds it perfectly proportioned! Good job, sweetie!

Gaye shot this (very artistic) photo of a single purple bloom in our back yard, August 2012.

Gaye's "portrait" of our two favorite doggy friends, Gizmo and Benny (who belong to our friends Jim & Ellie), July 2012.

Gaye made a terrific iced cookie cake for Allen's 17th birthday in June 2012!

Gaye took a self portrait with our new kitty, Stryper, asleep next to her!

Gaye had fun shooting this picture of a drink she bought at Starbucks, and then posting the picture on Facebook. The drink is on the counter, but one comment she received asked, "What are you and your drink doing on the floor?"

In May 2012, we had a new roof put on...Gaye documented the progress. Here's our humble abode just after they finished all the new shingles!

Gaye took this picture of a lovely conch in Freeport, Bahamas during our cruise.

Anne trying on a traditional Amish head covering, in front of an Amish quilt, during their trip to Amish country in Ohio, November 2011.

Gaye got a good picture of Dan while they were flying a little Cessna together in November 2011.

Allen enjoying himself with some friends, outside our church, in November 2011.

During a trip to take sunrise photos in September 2011, Gaye took this "behind-the-scenes" shot of Dan getting ready!

Anne with one of her little friends, Iliana, in August 2011.who she babysits on occasion, and plays with on others!

Dan playing Gaye's electric guitar, August 2011.

Gaye took this photo of Dan while he was photographing a sunset at Houston Lake in Warner Robins, in July 2011.

Gaye took this one the same evening as the one above. She went out on a little dock, and pointed the camera back at Dan...while he was pointing his camera at her!
Nice reflection, by the way...

A visitor to our yard...whom we've named "Bob."

Gaye got this portrait of our cat, Purrty, in February 2011 on her new iPhone! Dan is amazed...and it's more proof that it's not the camera that's the photographer!

Anne being silly while making a gingerbread house in late November 2010 with her friend Katy.

Allen goofing it up for the camera while building a gingerbread house.

Gaye's brother Leigh shows off newly planted trees at his and Miki's farm house in Ohio, September 2009

Gaye's sister Petey showing off the (unfinished) interior of her (and her Mom's and Carol's) new house in Ohio, September 2009

The new Petey/Carol//Mom house in Ohio

Jenny, Katy, and Anne playing Clue in our garage (set up currently as a rec room)

Iliana (a friend's daughter) jumping on our trampoline

Our friend Susan's new baby kitty, Sweetie, September 2009

The view from Gaye's cabin at Little Ocmulgee State Park, January 2009

Allen and his buddy Nathan at our house, February 2009

Gaye caught Allen being silly with the guitar-shaped railing in front of the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta, in February 2009

Hai also posed with the Hard Rock Cafe's railing.

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