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Fred Bullock Artistic Photo Gallery

- Summer 2009 (or 1959) -

Photography by Dan's Father 1959

Dan "appropriated" a set of color slides from his father's photo collection in order to surprise his Mom & Dad for their 50th anniversary. Besides the photos they shot of each other, Dan discovered some scenic landcape, nature, and boating photos his dad Fred shot.

Dan thinks he must have inherited his artistic photographic talent from his dad, because his dad has always had a great eye for photos. For example, even with a simple camera, Fred shot some of the best pictures of Dan's and Gaye's wedding!

So without further ado, here are a few of Fred Bullock's artistic photographs from 1959!

Beach, Bermuda, 1959

Waves, Bermuda, 1959

Boats, Harbor, Bermuda, 1959

Sailboat, Bermuda, 1959

Fred's own boat, the HERON, 1959

Sunset, 1959

all images © 1959 fred bullock