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- Updated Summer 2017 -

art and photography by anne bullock

(Newest items are at the top.)

An original artwork by Anne, that she gave us, and that Gaye hung over our mantel! (It's about four feet long!) (Photo by Dan Bullock)

Anne and a friend enjoying some of Anne's paintings on display for her end-of-year art show in May 2016. (Photo by Dan Bullock)

Most of Anne's paintings were on this wall (May 2016) (Photo by Dan Bullock)

Dan and Gaye went to the show, and we had a great time discussing Anne's paintings with her, and meeting her fellow artists! (Photo by Dan Bullock)

Anne's art: this one's titled "Chaotic." (Photo by Dan Bullock)

This one's "Gilded." (Photo by Dan Bullock)

This one's "Unpredictable." (Photo by Dan Bullock)

And this one's "Pulling." (Photo by Dan Bullock)

Anne shot this selfie of herself in May 2015...

...and she took this one in March 2015!

Anne with her boyfriend, Ben, at the Cherry Blossom Festival

Anne working on a piece of art for a class at Columbus State University

Anne did a good job capturing this double rainbow near her dorm in Clolumbus.

Anne painted this, in Spring 2014...inspired by Dan's photo below!

Sunset, Warner Robins, Georgia, March 2014 (photo © dan bullock)

Anne also painted this, in Spring 2014.

Anne shot this artistic "selfie" self-portrait during her Spring 2014 semester at Middle Georgia State College.

From her Fall 2013 semester at Middle Georgia State College, she did this partial pencil drawing.

Anne drew this for a Fall 2013 art class – and got a "90%" for it! In this photo, it's actually still unfinished...

Anne has been doing some drawing for her art classes; this one's called

Little brown jug
Conte crayon on black paper
Oct 2012

Willow charcoal
Apr 2013

Urban Life
Conte crayon on paper
Nov 2012

This one is based on her photo below!

November 2012, Macon, Georgia

December 2012, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Ferris wheel, fountain, and paddle boat, at the Georgia National Fair in October 2011

While we decorated our Christmas tree in December 2010, Anne took pictures. She's proud of this one with Allen in silhouette.

Anne enjoys shooting with available light. Here's Dad lit only by the Christmas lights themselves.

Anne really likes this self portrait, that shows blue highlights in her eyes!

Anne captured this geometric shot on our houseboat, on Lake Cumberland, in September 2010.

An artistic landscape of the lake, shore, and reflection.

Glowing backlit tree leaves, caught while wandering ashore from the houseboat.

A view down from the hill, framed with silhouetted leaves.

An artistic look at an old tree trunk.

Anne in a self portrait with her friend Jenny as we were getting a rare snow in Warner Robins, February 2010.

An artistic photo by Anne of grass in the snow, February 2010.

A shot of Jenny's and Anne's shadows as they walk, February 2010.

Anne and her friend Katie at the Ocmulgee Shooting Range in February 2010.

One of Anne's favorites by her friend Katie, February 2010.

McDonalds, Chicago, Illinois, August 2009. Once again, Dad is very impressed with her sense of composition -- this one is not cropped at all, and I really like the juxtaposition of shapes and colors!

Seagull, Cocoa Beach, Florida, April 2009

More seagulls, Cocoa Beach, Florida, April 2009

A flower in her window, May 2009

Our foreign exchange student, Hai, shopping. Anne documented how he looked as he tried on shirts. May 2009

Computer monitor and tree, Fort Valley Georgia, November 2008

In July 2008, Anne made (and took a photo of) a Sorbet Meringue, which was big enough for the whole family - twice!

Gaye, while she and Anne were in Cordele during their week away together, June 2008.

Anne took pictures of us decorating our Christmas tree, December 2007.

Mom getting an ornament out to put on the tree, December 2007.

In March 2007, Anne took this portrait of her friend Amanda.

Our friend Caroline, with Gaye, Allen, and Dan at World of Coca-Cola in July 2007. We're about to see a 3-D movie.

A sunset as captured on a cell phone camera (to send to Dad to enjoy) in May 2007.

Anne's artistic view of Lake Erie at Beulah Beach, Ohio, July 2007

The angel on top of our Christmas tree, December 2006

The lights on our Christmas tree, December 2006. Anne used a long exposure time, and moved the camera around during the shot to get this effect.

High Falls State Park, October 2006. Anne shot this portrait of the rest of the family, with the falls in the background.

Lake Blackshear, Cordele Georgia, October 2006. Anne used Dan's big Pentax.

Lake Blackshear, Cordele Georgia, October 2006.

Self-portrait, October 2006.

Fort Walton Beach, Florida, September 2005. This is the one that won Honorable Mention at the 2006 Georgia National Fair!

A bottle light fixture in the Melting Pot restaurant, Atlanta, March 2006

Dan says Anne has a terrific eye for photographic composition. This photo, at the historic ruins of the Major William Horton house (built 1738) on Jekyll Island, GA, is not cropped at all--Dan really likes how Anne framed it.

Anne used Dad's new camera to get this low-angle perspective on a neighbor's field of dandelions, May 2006

Our friend Patrick Lince, at the the Horton house ruins on Jekyll Island, GA, April 2006 -- again, Dan thinks it's a skillful composition.

Christmas tree lights with a long exposure, December 2005

Grammy Craig's back porch and cat, George, December 2005

Still life, Mellow Mushroom restaurant, Florida, 2005

Anne edited one of Dan's photos on the computer to get this artistic result!

Sunset, Warner Robins, 2005. Anne got creative on the computer to enhance this sunset photo.

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