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- Spring 2009 -

photography by allen bullock

Allen just earned the Photography Merit Badge, and as part of it, shot this photo in January 2009 of Purrty...

...and this one of Lacey.

At his birthday party in June 2007, Allen got an underwater camera, so he had fun shooting his friends in the pool.

Lacey, peeking out a window in May 2007

Allen shot this closeup of our neighbor cat, E, in May 2007

Allen got a close-up of one of our Star Trek Christmas tree ornaments, December 2006

Portrait of Tilly, December 2006

"Action" shot of Dad making a move in a chess game with Allen, February 2006

Close-up still life of the chess board, February 2006

Dan bowling with Allen, March 2006

Our Christmas tree, December 2005

Close-up portrait of Purrty, December 2005

Gulfarium sea lion show, Florida, September 2005

A photo Allen shot while hiking in the woods, February 2005

Another hiking-in-the-woods photo, February 2005

High Falls camping trip, March 2005

High Falls camping trip, March 2005

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