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Miscellaneous Gallery 24

- Winter 2015 -

Photography of various random things
for the glory of God
- SDG -

The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Day after day they pour forth speech;
night after night they display knowledge.
(Psalm 19:1-2, NIV)

photography by dan bullock

Hey, have you ever noticed just how boring car colors have become? Look at your average parking lot, and you'll see lots of white, black, silver, gray, maybe some tan, and the occasional bright red...

Just another example of my premise...

Christmas cars, Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, July 2014

...which is why, whenever I see unusual or brightly colored cars, I consider it worthy of a photo!

Yellow truck, Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, October 2014

Yellow bus, Destin, Florida, May 2006

Another yellow truck, Warner Robins, Georgia, March 2014

Fairhaven church building at dusk, Kettering, Ohio, August 2014

Our outdoor Christmas lights this year! Warner Robins, December 2014

Hey, you may remember this one: a water tower on Robins Air Force Base in January 2014, at sunset. This time I'm using it for a short, impromptu photography lesson in the importance of outdoor lighting!

Here, of course, we have the setting sun lighting up the tower in reddish tones.

Here we get an entirely different mood, because of the thick fog. You can fairly easily prepare for the sunset, but it's harder to predict I just keep a camera with me, and then I'm ready anytime!

Here's normal midday sunshine, but the low angle allowed me to feature the blue sky and high clouds.

And then, always remember that your foreground elements are important! In this example, the red fall colors really set off the tower.

Gaye's Mom's Christmas tree, December 2014

all images © 2014, 2015 dan bullock
permission granted for non-commercial use