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Miscellaneous Gallery 15

- Fall/Winter 2010 -

Photography of Assorted Odds and Ends
...for the glory of God.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge." (Psalm 19:1-2, NIV)

photography by dan bullock

We were taken with the abstract geometric look of the reflection of our houseboat, on Lake Cumberland, Kentucky, in September 2010.

A fruit-and-vegetables still life, in the galley of our houseboat.

Some cute ducks, on Lake Cumberland.

We had many visits from butterflies on our houseboat...this one stopped to pose for me!

Bungee jumping tower, Wild Adventures theme park, Valdosta, Georgia, September 2010

Some very green inner tubes, Wild Adventures, Valdosta, Georgia, September 2010

I call this "Second Amendment Still Life," taken during a shooting party at a friend's property. (Dan's pistol is in the lower left corner.)

Another still life...our friend Susan took some photos of her guitar at church, and asked Dan to apply his Photoshop editing skills. Here's one result that Dan likes. (Photo © 2010 Susan Molnar)

Concert photography is a unique thing...this is the Christian band Third Day in concert at the Wild Adventures theme park in Valdosta, Georgia, in September 2010, shot with my long zoom lens.

Another concert shot of Third Day. Besides being photogenic, it was a very good concert!

Dad bought flowers for Anne as a "get-well" gift when she had her wisdom teeth out in September.

all images © 2010 dan bullock except as noted
permission granted for non-commercial use