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Black and White Gallery 17

- Summer/Fall 2011 -

Black and White Photography
for the glory of God
- SDG -

He who builds His layers in the sky,
And has founded His strata in the earth;
Who calls for the waters of the sea,
And pours them out on the face of the earth –
The LORD is His name.
(Amos 9:6, NKJV)

photography by dan bullock

Luna Lake, Robins AFB, Georgia, March 2011

Gulf of Mexico at Okaloosa Island, Florida, March 2011

Seagull, Choctawhatchee Bay, Florida, March 2011

Pier at dawn, Lake Blackshear, Georgia, April 2011
(Notice the lack of texture in the water? All the ripples were smoothed out by the 20-second-long exposure!)

Detail of M4 Sherman Tank, Military Museum, Georgia Veterans State Park, Georgia, April 2011

Pier and water, Lake Blackshear, Georgia, April 2011

Tall grasses, Duck Lake, Robins AFB, Georgia, April 2011

O.K., so it isn't really a black and white photo, but it just as well could be, don't you agree? Some graduation cupcakes for Anne, May 2011.

A still life of Robin's empty instrument cases, waiting patiently at his July 2011 house concert to get re-filled and taken to their next gig...

Man On A Cell Phone, Savannah, June 2011. (look carefully!)

Sunlight glinting off the water of a sidewalk fountain in Sandestin, Florida, March 2011.

all images © 2011 dan bullock
permission granted for non-commercial use