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Artistic Nature Gallery - Amicalola Falls, October 2008

- Spring 2009 -

Photography of the beauty of God's creation
...dedicated to His glory.

"Sing for joy, O heavens, for the LORD has done this; shout aloud, O earth beneath. Burst into song, you mountains, you forests and all your trees."
(Isaiah 44:23, NIV)

photography by dan bullock

I (Dan) went to Amicalola Falls State Park for some alone time in October 2008. I set up a tent and camped, to save money...and because it was fun! Here's my campsite.

I spent most of my time out hiking and taking photos. This is a self-portrait when I was shooting a sunset the first evening I was there. (How did I shoot this photo? With a second camera in my outstretched right hand!)

A couple enjoying the same sunset, and the same marvelous fall colors, that I was enjoying.

Sunset my first day at Amicalola Falls State Park. It's a beautiful part of North Georgia, in the mountains.

These are the Amicalola Falls themselves (actually, just a small portion of them). It's the tallest cascading falls in the country, east of the Mississippi. This photo was shot just before nightfall.

This shot was taken in midday, with a polarizing filter to darken the sky.

I enjoyed taking long exposure photos, with a tripod, of the falling water. This one was a 30-second exposure!

This one was 6 seconds long. I like how the long exposures smooth out the appearance of the water.

One morning I hiked to the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, on Springer Mountain. I took a picture of myself to prove i was there.

A common sight, everywhere I went - my camera on my tripod. I shot over 300 photos on this trip!


Sunset with fall foliage.

My "workstation" inside my tent. I had power for light, heat, and my computer, to edit the photos I took!

Another long-exposure waterfall photo.

Some of the beautiful fall colors that surrounded me as I hiked the trails at Amicalola Falls.

Another self-portrait, in the woods. Thanks for visiting!

all images © 2008 dan bullock
permission granted for non-commercial use