How God got us safely home from Atlanta

A God story, about a situation where he took care of us:

When our family went to Atlanta with friends (see the Anne and Allen sections on our home page for details), the men (Dan and Allen, and our friends Jim and Alex Fuss) were riding in our van, and the ladies (Gaye and Anne, with Ellie and Bethany) were in the Fuss' car.

As we started home, our van (with the men) started overheating. We feared it was the thermostat, and pulled over right away. We let it cool for a while, drove to the first exit to decide what to do, and it overheated again. We were blessed right away just to realize that, no matter how bad the problem, it was good weather, it happened after our activities in Atlanta were over, and we were with friends, who could have taken us to get a rental car if need be. We let it cool again, and tried to get the van up the road to a service place -- and had to stop when it overheated again. We all prayed, then decided to move the van to a nearby gas station to meet up with the ladies.

To our surprise, this time the car acted normally and didn't overheat. Unwilling to stop it and risk a return of the problem, we kept the engine running, met up with Gaye and Ellie, drove to a fast food place for dinner, kept the engine running, and drove the 100 miles home without incident. After we got everyone dropped off, the next thing we did was take the van to our mechanic -- and it overheated on the way there!

We're convinced God held it together long enough to get us home safely. Praise the Lord!

(By the way, it turned out to be an air leak in a radiator hose, which is now fixed, and the van -- with 210,000 miles on it -- is working normally again. Praise God, and thanks to the GM engineers for the durability of their design!)